Victim of Asanko, Tontonkrom Clash Goes Home Today

The young man, who was tragically shot and killed by some private security men at Manso Tontokrom in the Amansie South District of the Ashanti Region during a clash between the residents and mining firm, Asanko Gold Mines in March this year, would be laid to rest today, Tuesday, May 7, 2024.

The 35-year-old miner, identified as Rahman Mohammed, was shot at close range by the marauding machomen of the mining firm, after they invaded the community, leading to reprisal attack and killing of two of the contracted well-built men by the irate residents.

The mortal remains of the deceased, was received from the morgue yesterday in a very sad mood with a heightened tension in the community among the residents.

The arrival of the body into the town, was accompanied by several youth on motorbikes and cars clad in red, amidst crying and singing.

It is, however, unclear if management of the mining firm, will send representatives to mourn with the community.

The Anchor is informed, the other two contracted security personnel who were lynched, had already been buried by their relatives long ago.

The Clash

It would be recalled, the clash between the residents and Asanko Gold Mines came about, when the youth of the area tried to mine on a small portion of a concession near the community.

The well-built security personnel of the mining firm, who were wielding guns, were alleged to have opened fire on the youth, leading to the death of one of the residents.

This action, angered the youth, who led a reprisal attack on the security personnel killing two of them.

There is tension between the residents and company over the latter’s refusal, to allow the residents to mine on a belonging to them at Tontokrom.

The residents claimed that, the said concession was where all the residents had been mining to earn a living, until the arrival of the firm recently and using the military and ‘machomen’ to stop them from mining there.

The residents claimed the firm, had used the state security men to brutalise, arrest and at times, kill innocent residents for trying to earn their daily bread.

Prior to the clash, the residents on Friday, March 1, 2024, staged a demonstration in the town to demand community mining in the area.

Community mining

Addressing the media, the Unit Committee Chairman of Tontokrom Bonsaso Electoral area, Kwabena Anumonyam, said the residents had written a proposal to the Minerals Commission through the district assembly for the area to be considered for community mining.

He said, since the community was established, artisanal mining, had been the only preoccupation of the people and “it is what our forefathers did to build this community”.

However, he said since the arrival of Asanko Gold Mines, the residents were being deprived of their livelihood as the areas they used to mine had all been taken over by the company.

Despite the use of force, he said the residents remained resolute and would not allow the mining firm to take over the said land and would resist any attempt to take over the land.


Mr Anumonyam, appealed to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Minerals Commission, to consider their proposal and grant them the lease for a community mining, to enable the residents to also get their daily bread.

He said, not only would the community mining, reduce the level of unemployment in the community, but also reduce vices and crimes in the area.


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