Family Threatens To Sacrifice Man

…For Refusing To Succeed Father As Fetish Priest

A 49-year-old man, from Akrobi in the Brong Ahafo Region, is on the run for his life, after he allegedly refused to be initiated as a fetish priest.

Clifford Alan mayer Sarfo is said to have left the family home eight years ago, because he feared his life could be taken, after he constantly declined to succeed his late father to worship the gods.

According to The Anchor’s information, Clifford Sarfo, who is the only child of his father, is the one to inherit the gods of the family, in line with custom, when his father has passed away.

This is because, Sarfo’s father, Osei Sarfo, also inherited the idol worshipping from his father and that it was a tradition that transcends several generations.

However, Clifford Sarfo, who had reverted to Christianity, declined to succeed his father and inherit the gods against the wish of the family, because it goes against his faith.

A member of the family, Daniel Kofi Sarfo, who confirmed the story to journalists last Wednesday, June 27,revealed that the family has never known peace since 2014, when Sarfo rejected the family’s decision to take over from his late father, Osei Sarfo.

Mr. Daniel Kofi Sarfo, who is an elder in the family, claimed his decision to speak on the matter was because he wants to let the world know what the family was going through because of Sarfo’s unyielding behavior.

“This is a tradition that was passed on to the family by our forebears. And, so, Sarfo’s rejection of our gods is an abomination that would bring generational curse to even children yet unborn,” he said.

He told journalists that the family has resolved to sacrifice Sarfo and use his blood to pacify the gods, else innocent people will continue to die because of the curse he has brought unto the family.

“In our family, nobody goes to church, we are known to be associated with the spirit in the forests. Our gods offer us protection and the punishment for disobedience is diseases, affliction and death, ” he said.

According to him, recent strange deaths in the family can be attributed to “this strange decision by Sarfo not to accept the gods. ”

This development, he noted, resulted in an altercation between some elders in the family and Sarfo, which compelled him to leave the family house without notice.


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