Kasoa Solder Killing: ‘I Was The Target’ – Landowner

An estate developer, Patriotic Winnebo Ndego, has expressed regret about last Tuesday, April 30, tragic incident at Millennium City near Kasoa, that claimed the life of his client, Lance Corporal Michael Danso of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

According to the building contractor, he was actually the target of the suspect, Benlord Ababio, now in the custody of the Accra Regional Police command assisting investigations.

Winnebo Ndebo, revealed in a recent interview that on the day the young soldier, Corporal Danso was gruesomely shot and killed, he was first mercilessly beaten and a gun pointed at him on the same land after the suspect and his boss, Kwasi Alhaji known in private life as Nana Kwasi Quansah, Mankrado from the Gomoa Fetteh traditional area, allegedly released their land guards numbering about 50, threatening to kill him.

According to him, he could barely do anything after the thugs pounced on him, saying but for a police vehicle siren that forced his attackers to abandon their plans, they would have accomplished their aim by shooting him.

“One Kwasi Alhaji who is the Mankrado at Gomoa Fetteh, sent Benlord to come and cause this incident (referring to the shooting incident). He beats people, seize lands which I am a victim. I was their main target. This is not the first time, they have also pointed a gun at me.

The day they shot the soldier, their boys also beat me up and pulled a gun on me, but immediately I shouted at him, God being so good, a police vehicle emerged from nowhere with siren which forced them to stop. But for that, they would have killed me”, he narrated in an interview with Accra FM.

Ken Agyapon’s Alarm

The Anchor, has also gathered that, it was this same Kwasi Alhaji that Member of Parliament (MP) for the Assin Central constituency, Ken Agypong, had reason to express concern about in 2018 and even recently.

“Kwasi Alhaji usurps lands from people, once he identified a space he likes, he seizes it and quickly demolishes the houses which occupy the lands, this cannot be tolerated in Ghana”, the outspoken MP is quoted to have said.

In a telephone interview with The Anchor, Patrick Winneba Ndego, said he has since the attack visited the hospital and submitted the medical report to the police.

However, he is yet to be invited for questions over the shooting incident or the beating, after they promised they would call him.

Winnba Ndego, insisted that it was unfortunate his attackers are after his land, because “Everyone in the area knows the land belongs to me. This is not the first time the suspect, Benlord who claims to be Gyaasehene at Millennium City, is firing a gun”.

Previous attacks

In April last year, he recalled he was again beaten to pulp and a pistol pointed at him. Sometimes the attacks are visited on his workers, while on site working.

Recounting his ordeal, Winnebo Ndebo, said this is what he has been enduring from these men all in the name of surrendering and handing his 2500 acreage of land bought and paid for.

He said Kwasi Alhaji, whose family he acquired the land from, has been tormenting, and extorting money from him, amidst threats to kill him so he takes the vast land.

Continuing with what happened on that fateful Tuesday, he noted that Benlord and Kwasi Alhaji, had met him, Winnebo Ndego, with the deceased and two of his colleagues, on site after he had intelligence that some men were working on the land he sold to the deceased officer.

He said after all attempts to get Benlord and Kwasi Alhaji to stop their men from continuing the work, they decided that they would all go to the police station, where the land dispute case has been pending.

50 Land Guards

But before leaving the scene, the two men phoned about 50 land guards to come and assault him, and possibly shoot him.

He said under no circumstance did the officers confront them, so it was intriguing that when they arrived at the police station, BenLord, who arrived on a Police visibility motorbike shot into the soldier’s Toyota Rav 4 with registration number GR 3591-24.

He said the individuals Benlord Ababio and Kwasi Alhaji, have been allegedly harassing and threatening people with active support from some of the Millennium City police.

According to him, there have been times he has been told, he will be shot and killed and the case will go nowhere.

Even at the Crime Office at the regional office, Patriotic Winneba Ndego, said he was threatened with death by Kwasi Alhaji, but he is walking free.

“They operate with active support from some police officers from the Central East Millennium City so when they kill you, it will amount to nothing” the frustrated contractor said.

He said, even though his life is at risk, he is not ready to seek police protection, neither is he going to leave his land for anyone, noting he has warned the suspect not to touch him and that the day they will touch him, he will make sure Benlord varnishes and even that he will pursue him.



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