Allied Fuel Attendant Caught Selling ‘Air’ To Customer

…Marketing Officer Pleads, But Unremorseful Supervisor Tells Client ‘I Hate Nonsense’ 

Drama ensued at the Abelenkpe branch of the Allied Oil fuel station yesterday, when a fuel attendant at the station, strangely sold ‘air’ to a customer, without a drop of fuel into his vehicle’s tank.

The customer, who drove off after paying for the amount of fuel he requested, only realized something amiss happened, after his fuel gauge light was still on, having driven for over 15 minutes from the fuel station.

The unfortunate incident, which occurred between the hours of 8am to 9:35am on Monday, May 13, 2024, has left many wondering as to the number of customers who may have fallen victim to the reprehensible act.

According to the customer, but for his vigilance, the fuel attendant together with her supervisor, would have gotten away with their misconduct, after they had initially insisted selling the fuel.

Narrating the incident, the customer who identified himself as Kofi said, when he noticed the fuel gauge light was still on after buying GH₵ 200 fuel, he hurriedly drove back to the fuel station to confront the attendant, but she did not give any tangible explanation.

She later went to call one of their supervisors, after attempting to convince the customer to go, because prior to serving him, she had informed him that she was “starting”.

The customer, said when the supervisor, who was also not wearing name tag came, she asked him to go and park the car and wait for them to check from their “gauge” to ascertain the truth.

However, after more than 20 to 30minutes of waiting, the two could not come back to say anything to him, forcing him to protest that he was late for work.

This, did not go down well with the so-called supervisor with a round face, thereby yelling at the customer and telling him, “She hates nonsense”.

But few minutes later, having realized their mistake, the supervisor cunningly asked one of the attendants to resell the fuel, but without telling the customer the outcome of her findings, let alone apologize to the customer for the incident and wasting his time unduly.


According to the customer, even though the fuel attendant, who caused the problem had shown significant remorse, the arrogant posture of the supervisor got him infuriated and therefore asked her to provide the outcome of her finding to establish whether he was the one not telling the truth or otherwise?

This demand by the customer, generated heated exchange, forcing some of her colleagues to come to begging on her behalf.

The owner of the vehicle, said when he requested to see the Manager of the station, he was told he was not well and has gone for treatment at the hospital.

Consequently, the customer said the issue caught the attention of one of the senior staff, who came to intervene and apologize profusely.

He introduced himself as Mr Osei Orleans, the marketing officer of the company.

Mr Osei, who showed high level of maturity and professionalism, promised to deal with the matter and gave his contact to the customer after personally serving him the fuel.




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