Family Of Ghanaian Killed In Canada Seeks Justice

…As ‘GoFundMe’ Campaign Rakes In$35,000

The family of a Ghanaian immigrant, who was gruesomely shot and killed in Toronto, Canada, back in Ghana, is seeking justice for their loved one, who apparently was the breadwinner.

The family in Kwawoma in the Ashanti Region, which is yet to come to terms with the devastating news, is pleading with both Ghanaian and Canadian authorities to find the killers of their son, who left behind four children.

“I cannot fight this battle. Save me, Lord. Akwasi, how do I cater for these children?” the wife of the deceased told the media.

Adu Boakgye, referred to as an “angel on Earth” by loved ones, immigrated to Toronto last November.

As the main provider of his family, he was just getting settled into his new role as a factory worker for a logistics company, when he was fatally shot in what Police say is “an indiscriminate attack”.

Brother-in-law of the deceased, Francis Kumi, recounts his last moments with him on phone before his passing.

“He called me a few hours before his passing saying that he had sent money to his wife, but couldn’t go through. So, I asked him to resend it to my account, so I could withdraw and give it to her.

Sadly, on Monday I read the news of his passing. I quickly called his phone to check up on him. I called several times, but to no avail,” a report filed by Myjoyonline quoted him as saying.

Adu Boakye’s sister, Dorcas Boakye, recalled the relationship that existed between them during his short stay in Canada.

“We used to chat regularly when he got to Canada. He called me when he got a job two weeks after he got there. My brother is a good man. He had left the country to seek better opportunities outside. He cares for all,” sister of the deceased, Dorcas Boakye said.


“We’re hoping the Canadian government will arrest the perpetrator so that we will be at peace,” Dorcas added.

‘GoFundMe’ rakes $35, 000

Meanwhile, a GofundMe campaign initiated by Boakye’s close friend, Richardson Adorsu, has already garnered over $35,000 out of its $40,000 goal through nearly 600 donations.

“Adu Boakye came to Canada seeking a better life for himself and family. Adu was shot while standing at the bus stop at Jane and Driftwood while waiting for the bus to go and send money to his wife back home in Ghana,” Adorsu who is originally from Ghana posted while raising the funds.

“This devastating situation is a big loss for a family who is so far and cannot be here to see Adu for the last time. We are pleading with the community at large to help raise funds to help the family with travel cost and also for his wife and children to be able to see him one last time for the funeral. We thank you in advance for your thoughtful support”, he added

A week after the brazen shooting, mourners gathered outside Driftwood Community Recreation Centre to hold a vigil and pay their respects to the hard-working father. At the gathering, Toronto police Supt. Andy Singh promised to bring the shooter to justice.

“We will leave no stone unturned. We have committed all of our resources not only to bring the offender to justice but to bring safety to this community,” Singh said.

Toronto’s Mayor, Olivia Chow who was present at the vigil said “To the killer or killers, you think you can strike fear in the heart of the community? Forget it… We will track you down and lock you away because you cannot get [away with] this senseless violence”.

She later twitted on X formerly Twitter saying “This afternoon we gathered at Driftwood and Jane to mourn the senseless loss of Adu Boakye a week ago. Adu recently arrived in Canada for a better life. Unfortunately it was cut too short. Love and sympathy for his wife and 4 children in Ghana”.

On Saturday, February 17, 2024, 40-year-old Adu Boakye was killed in a random shooting incident in North York in the northwest of Toronto.

According to the Canadian Police, Adu Boakye, was shot indiscriminately close to the north Toronto Bus stop, while going about his day innocently.

He was shot three times — twice in the stomach and was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

The police are on a man-hunt for the perpetrator, believed to be between the ages of 18 and 25.

In the aftermath of the shootings, resident-led grassroots coalition Jane Finch Action Against Poverty (JFAAP) said the tragic loss of life in the community is “traumatic on many” levels.

“A young man impacted permanently, and four children won’t see their fathers anymore; a woman lost her partner. We are sad, outraged and devastated about the tragic death of this man who just came to Canada three months ago from Ghana to perhaps build a better future for his children, but was cowardly killed,” JFAAP wrote in a statement.

Just a day before, a 16-year-old boy, was shot near the same intersection while waiting for a bus to his volleyball game. The teenage boy was shot in the face and transported to a local hospital in life-threatening condition.

According to police, the boy remains in hospital in critical, but stable condition with potentially life-altering injuries. Investigators say the two victims did not know each other and were “utterly innocent,” with the back-to-back shootings having the “hallmarks of gang activity.”

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