Police Gun Down Young Man At Wassa Akropong

…No Reason Cited, Officers Go Into Hiding

The Police, have shot a 25-year trader, Emmanuel Adjei in Wassa Akropong in the Western Region for a yet to be known reason.

The incident, sister of the deceased told The Anchor, occurred around 1pm on Thursday, February 22, 2024 when the deceased, who is also a barber was going about his business with a friend.

The family, has named one Police officer, Jacob Anim, who they alleged is a friend to the decease and they smoke cigarette and cannabis together in the town.

They insist, there are eyewitnesses who are ready to testify against the Police.

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Elder sister of Emmanuel, Mavis Adjei and the family, are outraged over the matter and demanding justice for their loved one, vowing they will not rest until the officers are punished.

In a phone interview with The Anchor yesterday, Mavis said they are at a lost, as to why the Police who are friends with their brother, will kill him without any cause.

Confidently, Mavis said the Police cannot feign innocence, because their brother is their friend and runs errands for them. She admitted Emmanuel smokes weed, but he does it with them [police].

“My brother is the one that barbers them together with their children. He knows the Police officers who killed him because they are friends, they sit together to smoke weed and cigarette. They send him to buy the stuff because they cannot go and buy it themselves. They sit at a lotto kiosk near a Cold Store in the town,” she alleged.

She said the victim did not die on the spot, as he was rushed to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in the Ashanti Region, where he gave up the ghost on Sunday, February 25.

His friend, whose name was given only as Moley, is being detained at Tarkwa Police Station.

The deceased and his family, live at Police quarters (a suburb of Wassa Akropong). That is where they grew up and he has always been in the midst of his killers.

How it happened

Detailing events leading to the death of her brother, Mavis said on that fateful, she was at her shop at Wassa Akropong, when a young man rushed to inform her that Emmanuel has been shot.

She quickly asked her younger sister to go and find out if there was any truth in the bizarre news.

She said her sister returned to confirm the news, following which she dashed to the Wassa Akropong Government Hospital where the Police themselves had rushed her brother to.

According to her, when she arrived, her brother was prepared and rushed to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi, in an ambulance which she joined, adding her brother was still alive and she saw the bullets.

She said when they got to KATH, the deceased was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) following which he was operated and the bullets were removed.

“I was in my shop when I was informed by a guy so I sent my younger sister who comes directly before our late brother to go and find out the truth. She came back to confirm that indeed he has been shot. So I rushed to the hospital. Subsequently, we travelled to KATH for the operation. I can’t tell the number of bullets, but I saw it before they were removed”.


She claimed her brother was shot at the back in the waist area and in the leg. Mavis insisted she saw his brother with his intestines hanging around his waist area. She said Emmanuel before he took his last breath on Sunday, narrated everything to her after she quarried him.

“When I was with him after the surgery, I asked him and he told me he had gone to sell his wares and visited our uncle, so on his way back, (he is a trader who sells second hand clothes) with his friend who he was trying to introduce to the business that was when the incident happened.

According to him, he heard people in a car he could not immediately identify shouting from a distance to stop.

It was a private car and they were in mufti, so he said he did not heed to the call because there had been incidents of armed robbery lately in the community. If you joke, they will shoot you and take your valuables”, she narrated on phone.

She said when Emmanuel snubbed the men in the car, he briefly heard a sudden noise, but did not even notice he has been shot. When he tried to run, he was shot in the leg too which crippled him momentarily.

“All of a sudden, he heard strange noise not knowing they had shot him. He did not even notice it immediately that the bullet had hit his waist and his intestines had gushed out. He tried to run away, but the Police persisted and shot him again in his leg and so he finally fell down.

Then the officer pounced on him to beat him for a while. It was at this time he noticed blood was oozing around his manhood. He was then picked up and rushed to the Hospital”, she added.

He knows the Police officers who killed him because they are friends, they sit together to smoke weed and cigarette. They send him to buy the stuff because they cannot go and buy that banned substance themselves. Maa Adwoa (Mavis) these police officers have shot me, they want to kill me. Truth be told, my brother smokes weed with them”.

The bereaved sister, said she cannot tell if Emmanuel had their secrets or information that is why he was shot and killed to silence him forever.

“We don’t know if our brother knows their secret that is why they killed him? I cannot tell. He even said our sister who was in the video on the internet can pinpoint the officer. Since the incident happened, officers have all vacated the town.

We want all the police to remove their uniform, they should be arrested to face the full rigours of the law”, she said in conclusion.

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