Tempers High At GIMPA

…Over Renewal of Workers Contracts

Tension is brewing among some workers and adjunct lecturers of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) over alleged refusal to renew their contracts.

According to the workers, those who are fortunate to have their contracts renewed, were given only three months extension, instead of the usual one or two years, whiles others request, have been lying on the Rector’s desk, awaiting renewal for over a year.

They alleged that, management led by Professor Samuel Kwaku Bonsu as rector, has resorted to what they called “piecemeal by piecemeal selective renewal” in a bid to flush out those who are not in his good books, despite the essential roles they play.

This paper is informed, despite constant appeals and reminder from certain worker unions and individuals for the extension to be granted, the Rector, purportedly remained adamant and has shown no interest in addressing the issue.

The uncertainty surrounding the renewal of the contracts, The Anchor gathered, has left many workers frustrated and confused about the future of their livelihood.

They said, what makes their issue complex, was the seeming lack of information or explanation from the administration on what the future holds for them, as to whether they will be maintained or shown the exit.

Some of the aggrieved workers, are said to have dedicated their lives, working at the Institute for over a decade, rendering critical services.

The development, has sparked discontent among some lecturers, administrative staff, both senior, middle-level, and junior staff at GIMPA’s Greenhill campus at Achimota, including Tema, Kumasi, and Takoradi campuses, about how their colleagues are being treated unfairly.

Insiders suggested that the reason for the monthly and quarterly contract extensions was deliberate such that, workers who are not in the good books of management, could be easily be fired by the least mistake.

One worker, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed dismay at the Rector’s actions, describing them as “unfair and inhumane.”

He lamented, “All he does is continuously ask for them to be given two or three months pending the renewal, which is a bad practice and against the conditions of public service employees”.

The aggrieved workers, also blamed the Institute’s Council Chairman, Mr Piesie Kofi Darko Asante, for allegedly shielding the Rector, instead of calling him to order. This, they maintained, has exacerbated their issues, as well as other matters affecting the school.

They accused Mr Darko Asante of being in cahoots with the Rector, hence his protection from accountability. This, they claimed has emboldened the rector, not to properly manage the Institute.

According to them, Mr Bonsu, was a senior faculty member of the GIMPA community, until he was appointed Rector, under bizarre circumstances.

The claimed that, the standard of the Institute for the past two years or more, has been fallen, with students’ population continually declining at an all-time low.

The affected workers are therefore, calling on the Ministry of Education and the government to intervene in their issue, in order to avert escalation of the agitation at the Institute.


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