Protozoa Targeted For ‘Attacks’

The Director of Political Affairs at the Office of the Chief of Staff at Ghana’s Presidency, Mr. Frank Asiedu Bekoe has been targeted for heavy mudslinging.

It has been established that certain individuals with reasons known to them have planned to pelt him with issues that have been used in the past but did not wash.

As part of the grimy agenda, Mr. Bekoe popularly called ‘Protozoa’ will be accused of dealing in auction vehicles, something that he was falsely accused of in the past.

It is instructive to know that Mr. Bekoe has nothing to do with the auction regime since 2019 where he was a member.

It is equally important to note that the auction regime is now fully under the Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Bekoe who is noted for his gentle mannerisms, has been targeted on several occasions but interestingly, the mischievous elements had hit a snag in their quest to dirty him.

He has been extremely instrumental in the running of affairs at the office of the Chief of Staff since the current administration took office in 2017.

He coordinates the activities and affairs between the office of the Chief of Staff and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a political entity.

It suspected those who have hatched the grubby agenda are not enthused with Mr. Bekoe’s firmness and fairness in his line of duty and also those who see him as a strong contender in the 2024 parliamentary primaries in the Eastern Region.

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