Builsa South Potable Water Issues Resolved, Residents Commend MP

The years-long potable water challenges, suffered by the Builsa South constituents, has been finally resolved by the Member of Parliament (MP), giving the residents a sigh of relief.

Dr. Clement Abas Apaak, the MP for the constituency in the Upper East Region, fixed the problem by extending potable water to some 10 more communities, where the problem was very acute.

The beneficiary areas, divided into three,are, namely, Fumbisi, Gbedema and Abaa-yeri.

At Fumbisi, three communities, namely Suik, Bachiesa and Baasa, benefitted from the gesture from Dr.Apaak, while at Gbedema, two towns, JagsaGunta and Garibeansa, benefitted from the intervention.

The remaining five, allocated in Abaa-yeri, are UwasiLovogsa: Kanjarga, Nakpansa: Gbedembilisi, Goag: Wiesi and lastly Banyasa: Doninga.

The beneficiary communities expressed their joy over the projects as it has alleviated them from the stress of finding and drawing water from unhygienic sources.

A native of Abaa-yeri, Mr.Anaab, during a visit to the locality to do impact assessment of the borehole, recounted how serious the water crisis was before the MP intervention.

He said that, since his birth, they have been managing with only one borehole, regardless of the fact that the population keeps increasing and extending in the settlement.

He lamented that women queue all day till it gets to their turn and water obtained is not even enough to cater for the family needs.

Madam Gloria from Lovogsa, while thanking the MP, intimated that “the water problem at the time made all aspects of life in my community difficult. As a homemaker, I cannot fully explain the profound grief this situation caused me.”

She added: “I am a mother and the situation actually affected my children’s education since they have to walk long distance and queue each morning before getting water to bath for school which makes them perpetual late goers to school.”

The story was not different at Bachiesa, as one Pius Akpai narrated that “the greatest difficulty my village faced all its existence without solution, was finding enough water for everyone.”

According to Pius Akpai, “Many partners tried to help us but did not succeed. Now, my community and I are experiencing this joy through the intervention of the MP, this is a life time dream come true. This is by far, the social interventions we want from our leaders.”

A statement from the lawmaker’s office signed by the deputy communication officer, Akogtu Daniel, and copied The Anchor, said the MP embarked upon this gesture after engaging the district assembly, “through my office to proceed with the drilling, construction and installation of Hand Pumps numbering ten (10) to these communities in the Builsa South Constituency.”

The statement noted that, even though the lawmaker will love to provide clean water to his people, the office of the MP is always available and more than willing, to come to the aid of any of localities that will come forward to ask for such a gesture.


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