MCE Allegedly Rapes 22-Year-Old Job-Seeker On Matrimonial Bed

…Threatens To Leak Sex Video, After Secretly Recording The Act

A Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) in the Ashanti Region is being accused of forcibly having sexual intercourse with a Senior High School (SHS) graduate, whom he promised to get enlisted in the military or get her into a nursing training school.

The incident, The Anchor gathered, did not only occur in the residence of the MCE, but also, allegedly, on his matrimonial bed, while his wife was away, taking their children to school.

The MCE, whose name is being withheld for now, is alleged to have had another sexual escapade with the desperate 22-year-old job seeker, this time, with her consent, at a hotel.

But even though the victim described the first incident as a rape, she did not report the case to the police or anyone else because of her desperation to secure the job from the MCE.

Interestingly, after the two sexual bouts on different occasions, the MCE has failed to honour his side of the bargain, but rather resorted to threats to leak a video he purportedly recorded during the act at the hotel on the blind side of the lady.

The issue was made public last Thursday, July 20, 2023,by Kumasi-based Sompa Television, suspected to be owned by the Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP), Ken Ohene Agyapong.

The host of ‘AsemMpe Nipa’ show, Oforisuo Aboagye, who blew the cover of the MCE, said the unnamed government appointee has refused to answer the lady’s calls, and subsequently blocked her mobile phone number.

The station has threatened to expose the MCE by disclosing his name, municipality and hotel name, and ensure his removal from office, in the event that he does not come out to own up.

Delving deeper into the issue last Thursday evening, monitored by this paper, the host, who said he has a copy of the video, said the first sex act was forced.

And this was after she fiercely resisted, but allowed him at a point because of her desperation for the job and also the fact that no one could come to her aid.

He mentioned that the victim had approached the MCE to assist her to get an opportunity to enter the Ghana Army, after completing school and staying home without a job. But the MCE allegedly assured her he will get his Member of Parliament (MP) to get him one slot for her, but never mentioned that there was any string attached.

So, on that fateful day, the MCE allegedly called the lady in question early in the morning to come over to his residence. Having been assured of the job opportunity earlier, the lady rushed to the MCE’s house, without even bathing and expecting any foul play.

According to the television host, when the lady got to the residence of the MCE, his wife and children were leaving the house for school. The 22-year-old said she was asked by the MCE to come upstairs, which she obliged.

“But the MCE then invited her over to a particular room which turned out to be his matrimonial bedroom.

“As at the time they entered into the room, he had not discussed anything love or sex with her,” the host said.

Oforisuo Aboagye continued that while chatting with the lady concerning the military job, the MCE started making advances by touching her boobs, buttocks and other parts of her body, which she resisted. Many attempts to escape was unsuccessful because the door was locked.

The host said, at a point when the lady realized she could no longer have her way, she reluctantly gave in and begged the MCE to use protection.

“She tried many times to escape but the door was under lock and key and because it was a storey-building, she realized that when she even shouts, no one was going to hear her.

“And so, the municipal chief executive continued to push until the lady gave in, but with a request to him to use a condom,” the host narrated.

After the act, the MCE, knowing he had offended the lady, allegedly sat the SHS leaver down and apologized profusely to her.

“So, what happened is that he raped her on his matrimonial bed. He tried to console the lady and apologize to her because he realised he was at fault,” the host said.

The MCE, according to the report, did not even shower after the act, but hopped into his official vehicle and drove to his office, as he had already taken his bath as at the time the lady arrived at his residence.

Days later, the MCE called the lady again that the military recruitment was delaying and so suggested that he wants to facilitate nursing training college for her, since Kokofu and Asante Mampong training colleges forms were out.

Before they could conclude the conversation, the MCE allegedly asked the lady to do a naked video recording of herself and send it to him, which she objected, with the excuse that it was unnecessary since he had already slept with her.

At this juncture, MCE craftily asked her to meet him at a hotel for further conversation concerning the nursing training.

“When they met, he told her the two nursing training colleges were available so she should choose one

“But before that, he asked for another affair which, this time, the lady willingly gave him, because she was so desperate for the job. While they were at it, the MCE allegedly recorded the act secretly, while the young lady’s back was facing the MCE.

“Unfortunately for her, after the act, he has blocked the lady everywhere. She is unable to get into contact with him, but anytime she uses unknown phone, he picks it but the moment he hears her voice, he cuts the call.”

At this point, Oforisuo Aboagye said the lady threatened to report the MCE to her uncle. But sensing danger looming, the MCE quickly forwarded a copy of the video to her, threatening if she dares, he will leak the video to disgrace her.

The television host said the lady told him (Oforisuo) she nearly attempted to commit suicide on the day she received the video, because she was ashamed and appalled by the act.

Meanwhile, the station has given the MCE an ultimatum to come forward and meet the lady and other interested parties and render an unquailed apology and also compensate her, or else he would be exposed.

The host said, aside from the video, they have in their possession, audio recordings of the MCE and the lady and other information which they will not hesitate to release to implicate him and call for his sacking.

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