Man Attacked At Alajo For Being Gay

A 36-year-old man, George Lilly, is currently nursing his wounds after he was attacked by a group of young men at Alajo, a suburb of Accra, for being a gay and for his affiliation with the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ+) friends to the area.

The victim, when contacted, confirmed the story, and explained the incident happened on June 2, this year about 9pm at Alajo, where he resides.

He said he had always hidden his identity, as he was aware that unnatural carnal knowledge and same-sex relationships were proscribed by the laws of Ghana.

Narrating the incident to The Anchor, Mr. Lilly said, on that fateful night, a team of LGBQ+ friends from Osu, a suburb of Accra, paid him a visit but, on his way back home, a group numbering more than 10 young men attacked and manhandled him.

According to him, he became friends with the LGBTQ+ members at a fitness training centre within the capital, where he often visits for workout.

He said prior to his attack, he had received physical death threats within the neighborhood.

However, when he was being assaulted there were by-standers by, but they turned a blind eye, as the suspects attacked him.

He mentioned that, he was severely beaten with different objects and he felt severe pain in the arm, the leg and his head.

Mr. Lilly said that he initially administered self-medication, but later went to the Lapaz Community Hospital for treatment when his condition was getting deteriorated and the pain became unbearable.

Medical Report

He turned up at the hospital on July 13 and his medical report, a copy of which was available to The Anchor, stated Mr. Lilly’s complication was a case of Musculoskeletal pains and healing limb ulcers.

The medical report was signed by Paschal Blaise Ezekwem, the medical officer at the Lapaz Community Hospital.

The report said Mr. Lilly complains of recurrent pains in the left arm and leg.

“He alleges he was assaulted by a group of adult males in his neighbourhood about six weeks ago,” the report said.

The report continued: ” He thinks that the assault was unprovoked, but suspects it could be a consequence of his LGBTQ+ affiliations.”

The medical officer said an x-ray of the affected limbs was requested and client was later sent home on oral medications after a short session with the physiotherapist.

Dr.Ezekwem stated in the report that joint and limb strengthening exercises had been recommended as part of treatment.

When asked whether he reported the case to the police, he said he didnot lodge a complaint because he does not trust the police as the case is LGBTQ+.


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