Be vigilant when you visit LPG stations or risk being cheated – LPG Marketers Association to consumers

Vice president of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Marketers Association, Gabriel Kumi, has urged consumers of LPG consumers “to be vigilant, when they go to LPG outlets to fill their gas”.

He was reacting to assertions that some LPG stations are not filling the cylinders to the required measure. LPG cylinders are usually filled to 80% capacity, which means 80% liquid and 20% vapor, a requirement some LPG stations are not following. He said his outfits does not have total control over the practice, but urges consumers to be extra watchful at the various stations.

“It’s not a general trend but there are a few bad nuts that I must admit are trying to cheat our customers, but vigilance by the consumer can avert that”. “If there is any cheating at the station that will not be sanctioned by our members”, he emphasised. He said in order to ensure that the right quantity of the commodity is sold out, consumers must read the LPG dispensing machine used for the distribution of gas at the stations. “Now about 95% of these stations are using dispensing machines to dispense LPG. So when you get to the station, make sure that you watch the reading to ensure you are giving the quantity you are supposed to be given”.

Meanwhile, the LPG marketers Association is predicting prices of LPG in the next pricing window are likely to go up despite the 5% drop in prices for the first pricing window of April, 2023. According to association, if the cedi is not able to maintain its stability in the wake of the hike in crude oil prices, then the current reduction in the price of LPG will be short-lived.

source: Myjoyonline

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