Ashanti NDC Chairman’s Boys In Trouble

A former Deputy Chief of Staff has intimated that the nefarious activities of some aides of the Ashanti Regional chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will soon be exposed.

According Johnny Osei Kofi, the likes of Donkor Fuseini, a former Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Sekyere Afram Plains, and one other, he named as Prince, would have to be exposed for who they are, or else he will cease to be part of the party, going forward.

Mr. Osei Kofi, who was the secretary to the seven-member fact-finding committee that recently investigated a bribery allegation against some Ashanti Region NDC executives, said those elements around the regional chairman are “bloody liars” and moles in the party, hence should be flushed out.

The former Deputy Chief of Staff, under ex-President John Mahama, who is being accused of leaking a fake report of the committee’s findings, told The Anchor that, even though he is unperturbed about the consistent lies and fabrications, the nefarious activities of these individuals will be found soon.

“I say they know they are lying. But this case is not ending there, I can assure you, because we cannot have a party like the NDC when you have officers behaving like these people behaving and then we gloss over it.

“No, we can’t have it like that, then like I won’t be part of the NDC if the system accommodates this kind of falsehood. I won’t,” he told The Anchor in an interview.

He levelled allegation against the two men, saying they are working for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“They are all working for the NPP and very soon it will come out one day, maybe sooner than later. You know people have to connect the dots. So let them answer, but tell them that you called me and I say they are all bloody liars.”

His comments come in the wake of The Anchor’s publication of Thursday, November 17, 2022, where Mr. Donkor Fuseini, the campaign manager of the regional chairman, Augustus Nana Akwasi Andrews, claimed Mr. Osei Kofi schemed with one Enoch Amoako-Nsiah to “mischievously” leak the so-called fake report to serve an agenda.

The ex-MCE had explained that the report by Mr. Osei Kofi was a 64-page, while the one sanctioned by the committee was only 15 pages.

He claimed the 15-page was also signed by all the members of the committee, but the 64-page was unsigned, which he, Mr. Osei Kofi, presented to the Samuel Sarpong Committee, but was rejected and ordered to be deleted.

Mr. Fuseini, who said he has both reports, told The Anchor, “I have both the duplicate and the original. I don’t know which one you are using. I have the one authored by Johnny Osei Kofi and Enoch Amoako and the 15-page that the whole committee accepted and approved, and which Johnny Osei Kofi and all of them signed it.

He said, “The 64-page one, can you show me who signed? Johnny had his own agenda. Mr. Johnny Osei Kofi was the campaign manager for Enoch Amoako; the two of them sat down and authored the 64-page one, which the committee rejected.

“I am sure you are not even aware of this. Speak to the chairman of the committee, Dr. Sarpong, he was on air saying this on Abusua FM you can check.”

But speaking to this paper, the secretary said there is no iota of truth in the claim by the campaign manager because the document he (Fuseini) is relying on is just the executive summary of the main report.

He said, “If you read the summary, you will realize that the summary makes reference to the appendix that, read appendix page so-so-and-so. So, if the summary was the main report, how does the main report that someone wrote it, how does it make reference to the main document?”

He continued, “The 15-page report is the executive summary of the main report. That is why if you read through, sometimes they make reference to names and so on and so forth, so that is how sometimes these boys they lie.”

Offering more explanation, he said that, when the report was completed, both the executive summary and the appendix were signed by all the members of the committee, but, however, others which came out later were not signed because they could not have gotten every one of the committee members to do that, hence the signed and unsigned ones being referred to.

“What has happened is that the first copies of both the appendix and then the 15 copies were signed. I think there were six copies, they were signed by all the members of the committee, and we signed it in the open for all the elders, because we could not have signed every copy that went out,” he continued.

Asked if he had a copy of the signed ones, he replied, “No, we gave all of them out because it became a hot something or so and were not going for another committee meeting and ask them to sign every single copy, that is going to go out so you will find that many of the copies, except for the Council of Elders, you will not see any signed copy.

“So they can say whatever they want to say, but if you get the signed one and the unsigned, nothing has changed. Get a signed copy, prepare them page by page, sentence by sentence and it is the same. So they are busy replying to things. This boy, Prince, when this report came, he called to insult me, but I didn’t mind him; I mean he is a small boy, Fuseini Donkor. That is another guy.”

Mr. Osei Kofi, who laughed at the series of allegations, fired more, saying that is the stock-in-trade of the two men, working for the regional chairman.

Touching on some recordings which are alleged to have been doctored by the two persons and circulated around to achieve certain effects, the former Deputy Chief of Staff said the act was done to paint him and other party bigwigs black.

“But I don’t mind them. You know the lies that they tell? So who did the short version [of the tape] it was Prince, the aide of the [Regional chairman] and then the same person who called you Donkor Fuseini, they did it to make it appear something else, ok?

“So that is the work they did for which people who got to know the full thing, some of them apologized to me and Dr. Buta and so on. That is the work that they did and we have allowed them to continue because we say we are practicing democracy.”

He also denied categorically the claim by the ex-MCE that he, Johnny Osei Kofi, was the campaign manager for Mr. Enoch Amoako-Nsiah.

According to him, he never held such a position because he even advised Mr. Amoako-Nsiah against contesting Nana Akwasi, for the regional chairman position, because politically it was unwise.

Last week, Mr. Fuseini, as well Prince, the aide to Nana Akwasi, called The Anchor, complaining bitterly about an earlier publication where the paper said the region had retained the chairman in its executive election, despite the Samuel Sarpong-led committee indicting him.

For instance, the former MCE said the story was inaccurate and that there was nowhere in the report that suggested that his candidate was accused of taking money from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to allow the governing party to manipulate the results of the 2020 general elections.

“To categorically state that the chairman has been indicted, you know that that is a bit too much, because between you and I, no report has come out indicting the chairman. It’s people who are speculating that. So I believe at least once this thing is over we would have been able to smoke some…… I wouldn’t show you how to do your work, but then I also expect you not to overburden mine as well.

“Because at least the election whoever you were supporting is over and we need to work, but then some of these things will further mix things up. I don’t know what the agenda is and I really don’t want to know, but I just believe you are over-flogging this issue,” he said.

Earlier this year, the Council of Elders of the Ashanti Regional NDC commissioned a committee, chaired by a former Regional Minister, Samuel Sarpong, to investigate the allegation bribery.

The allegation was levelled by Mr. Amoako-Nsiah against the regional chairman and also the regional secretary, Kwame Zu, who has since abandoned the regional party to contest the deputy general secretary of the party.

The committee presented its report months ago, even though the party has failed to release it publicly, paving the way for all kinds of allegation.

Source: Anchorghana

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