Health trainees demand unpaid allowances

The National Health Students Association of Ghana is demanding from the Ministry of Health the payment of unpaid allowances of its members.

According to the Association, 2021/2022 allied health National Service personnel are owed 11 months arrears, while midwives and nurses in the same period are yet to receive 10-month allowances.

The situation has thus left members frustrated, as many affected persons struggle to commute to work and make ends meet.

In a Citi News interview, Vice President for the National Health Students Association of Ghana, Maasubee Balom Rahim, said efforts to get the Ministry of Health to remedy the situation have hit a snag.

“The NSS secretariat deployed them in September 2021 and the Nurses and Midwives began in December 2021. Till now, they have not received their allowances, not even a pesewa.”

“As of yesterday, the Ministry of Health said they have followed up with the Ministry of Finance. That is all they keep telling us. We have heard time without number that the salaries will come, but no show,”

Source: Citi Newsroom

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