Reports of Missing Persons On Alarming Rise

The Anchor, has observed an alarming rise in reports of missing persons, especially school children and adults in parts of the country, raising anxiety among a section of the public.

The paper’s monitoring of the situation as of last count, showed about 15 people, mainly children, were so far declared missing by their relatives at various locations as of June this year alone.

The latest, which has sent shivers down the spines of many, is the missing of Tema West constituency Women Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) last week.

Madam Paulina Lamisi, is said to have left home on June 12, 2024, but has since not returned, as all efforts by the family and loved ones to trace her whereabouts, has proved futile.

The issue, The Anchor gathered, has been reported to the police for investigation.

17-year-old Dede

Aside the NDC woman, one family member with a social media name, Yammy Fingers, few days ago posted of her sister by name Dede, age 17 years, who has gone missing.

According to Yammy Fingers, her sister was last seen at Accra Mall on Saturday.

Dede, is said to have picked an Uber (an online taxi) on her way from Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Amasaman China Mall, but ended up at Spintex China Mall.

The Uber driver is said to have claimed that he helped Dede back to Accra Mall to take Lapaz vehicle to continue her journey to Amasaman, but she never got home.

“She texted me around 10pm that they have caught her and are taking her away. The case has been reported to Adabraka Police, Atinka and Peace FM. Her phone has been off since. Please help us find her. 0244370901, 0542722380,” part of Yammy’s post reads.

12year-old Simon

Another post by one Padmore Michelles, also shared a flyer of a 12-year-old boy by name, Simon Coffie, who is also said to be missing.

Simon, was last seen on June 20, wearing a blue-black vest with a jeans shorts.

He said anyone with information on him, can contact his family on 0500866886, 0244938605.

Nii Quaye @ Dansoman

Also reportedly missing, is a boy named Nii Aryitey Quaye, whose family says, he was last seen playing on their compound at Dansoman beach road on Saturday June 1, 2024, but cannot be found. His age was, however, not stated. But his family can be contacted on 0245993298 or 0246390729.

Adiza Zakari

Another post shared by one Bra Qwequ, on June 16, also declared Adiza Zakari Mohammed missing. It is unclear, the exact location the girl reportedly went missing.

According to the post, Adiza, has been missing for two weeks, but all efforts to locate her have been unsuccessful.

Bra Quaqu in social media post said, “If you find this post, please share till we find her. We can be reached on 0553136776 or 0548812412 if you have any information that will help us find her. We will be grateful. Thank you”.

60-year-old woman

There is also a case of another adult, reported to have gone missing per Mahama Shaibu’s account.

According to his post on Facebook, the about 60-year-old woman, whose name wasn’t provided, except a picture and contact, she was last seen on the day of Arafa. Her families can be contacted on 0244501773 and 0245751649.

18-year Lasban Paga

Another case posted by Azuma Besore, said one Lasban Paga, who is about 18 years old has been missing since Saturday June 22, 2024. Her family can be reached through 0246860865.

9-year-old Charislove Gyamfi

Also, Charislove Adu Gyamfi, is also reported to have gone missing at Dome Market in Accra. The nine-year-old, according to details provided, schools at FALSYD Foundation School and she is in class Four.

Her family’s contact was given as 0240543407, for anyone with information about her whereabouts to contact them.

20-year-old Cynthia Yankenam

Another case of a missing 20-year-old Cynthia Yankenam, has also been reported. She went missing since May 31, 2024.

A flyer accompanying her photo said, “Cynthia left home for work on Friday and has since not returned. Efforts to find her has proven futile. Anyone with information on her where about should kindly contact 0244539686 and 0244605465, 0557463014”.

Tamale Missing Kids

Meanwhile, two children who also went missing, have been found dead at Kakpayili in the Tamale metropolis of the Northern Region.

The residents suspect, the children were murdered for ritual purposes, as their decomposed bodies, were abandoned in a vehicle behind Mallam Madaha’s house.

According to the Assemblyman for the Kakpayili Electoral area, Hafiz Andani, the two children, both aged three, went missing last Saturday.

A search was conducted for the boys, but after two days of not finding them, an official complaint was made to the police.

“They went missing on the 22nd, so on the 25th, we reported the case to the police,” Alhaji Hafiz said.

Alhaji Hafiz, mentioned that some residents reported to the chief of the area that the two boys were last seen around Mallam Madaha’s residence. Consequently, the chief invited Mallam Madaha to the Guma Naa palace for questioning.

“Some of the residents said they saw the children around his house before they went missing, so the chief invited him to the palace,” he said.

Mallam Madaha, denied any knowledge of the crime, and his wife also denied the allegations.

This denial triggered agitation among the residents, prompting the chief to call the police to escort Mallam Madaha to the police station.

“The chief called in the police, who came and took him to the police station. However, my people heard him granting interviews this evening around 4, which triggered more agitation,” Alhaji Hafiz added.

A search was conducted, and the two bodies were found in a car behind Mallam Madaha’s house.

The discovery of the bodies heightened the residents’ anger, leading to the burning and vandalising of Mallam Madaha’s house.

The assemblyman, called on the police to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that justice is served for the toddlers.

“We are calling for justice for the boys. We don’t want what happened to the Takoradi girls to repeat here.

“We don’t care who the person is, whether an opinion leader, political head, or whatever. What we want is justice,” he said.


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