NDC Suspends PC for Impregnating Secretary’s Wife

…National Executives Summon Crunch Meeting Tomorrow

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has announced the suspension of its parliamentary candidate for Assin Central constituency, Nurein Shiabu Migyimah, over alleged immoral act, barely five months to the crucial December 7, polls.

The Central Regional Secretariat of the party, announced Mr Nurein Migyimah’s suspension, following allegations that he had impregnated the wedded wife of the constituency secretary, Sadique Broni Yeboah.

The husband of the woman, is said to have discovered the amorous lifestyle of his wife, when he allegedly planted secret video recording device in their bedroom which captured the two.

The PC, whose suspension will last for six months, is said to have moved the impregnated woman from her matrimonial home, to rent a new apartment for her at Kasoa.

The suspension letter, signed by the Regional Secretary, Gabriel Nii Kommey Adams, states that the decision to suspend the parliamentary candidate, was on the grounds of immoral acts and anti-party conduct.

“The Regional Functional Executive Committee, after conducting its preliminary investigation and examining the matter minutely and exhaustively, further consulted key stakeholders in the region and the leadership of the Party at the National level and resolved that Nurein Shaibu Migyimah be withdrawn as the 2024 Assin Central Parliamentary Candidate of the NDC with immediate effect,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the national leadership, have waded into the matter after learning about the incident in the media.

Crunch Meeting

The National Executives are at a lost, as to why the regional executives, will arrive at such a decision without their consent.

General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey in a letter to the party in the region, has invited the regional chairman, Prof Richard Kofi Asiedu and Secretary, Gabriel Nii Kommey Adams, to appear before the national leadership on Tuesday, July 2, to justify their actions.

“The said letter seeks to communicate a decision of the Regional Functional Executive Committee in respect of the withdrawal of the Assin Central Parliamentary Candidate to the Constituency Chairman and the Secretary

The above-mentioned action if true, was taken without the approval of the National Executive Committee and is considered inappropriate, and in contravention of due process and the provisions of articles 40, 41, 46, and 48 of the NDC constitution.

“In lieu of that, you are thereby requested to appear before the National Leadership of the party on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 at 2 pm together with your Regional Secretary to explain how this letter was sent out without the approval of the party’s national leadership,” the General Secretary of the party, Fifi Kwetey stated.

Regional Organizer, Michael M. Derry, while giving details of the matter said, Bromi who had suspected the relationship between his wife and the PC, planted a secret camera in his bedroom, leading to him finding out what was going on between the two.

“The Secretary caught wind of the cheating rumors that was circulating regarding his wife and the Parliamentary Candidate, Nurein Shiabu Migyimah so the Secretary installed a camera in his bedroom, so anytime they were involved in the act, the camera captured it” Derry is said to have stated on Yen Nsempa on Onua FM on June 28.

He explained that Migyimah and Broni are good friends to the extent of offering his home to the PC, who did not have a house in the constituency. This arrangement was intended to provide convenience, but rather facilitated the illicit relationship.

“The Parliamentary Candidate and the General Secretary are good friends, and the PC does not have a house in the constituency, so the General Secretary made the PC stay with him in his home.”

The scandal is said to have further deepened with revelations that the Secretary and his wife do not have children. However, Broni’s wife recently gave birth to a child, allegedly fathered by Migyimah, in Kasoa a week ago.

“The Secretary and his wife do not have children. However, the cheating wife, became pregnant by Nurein and gave birth a week ago in Kasoa.”

The suspended PC, who is said to have given the sitting New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parlimant, ,Ken Agyapong a good run for his money in the 2020 parliamentary election, has reacted to the party’s decision.

In an interview with Joy News, Shaibu Migyimah, asked his followers to remain calm.

Describing incident as a nightmare, Shaibu Migyimah added that, he believes that he will be vindicated soon after going through the right structures for a fair hearing.

“I have not received any letter, but I am also putting measures in place by going through the party’s structures to get a fair hearing with regards to whatever is going on. It’s kind of like a nightmare, but this is a political party, and we are being governed by our party constitution. I am young, and I will fight my way through.

“T believe, and I know whatever allegation, anything they’ve said or whatever it is, after I go through the right party structures, I’ll be vindicated. God being so good, God willing, ‘Inshallah’, on December 7, I’m going to win the election,” he said.


The regional Functional Executive Committee (FEC) petitioned the party’s General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, to withdraw the candidature of Nurien Shiabu Migyimah.

In a statement signed by the regional secretary, provided justifications for this recommendation, alleging that Migyimah impregnated the wife of Sadique Broni Yeboah, a married party member.

The decision was reached after an exhaustive investigation, which included reviewing audio recordings and interactions among the involved parties. The party further alleged that Migyimah has relocated the pregnant woman from her matrimonial home to a rented apartment in Kasoa.

“The Regional FEC received credible reports of immoral acts and anti-party conduct against the party’s 2024 Parliamentary Candidate for the Assin Central Constituency, Nurien Shiabu Migyimah. It was revealed that he has impregnated the legally married wife of Comrade Sadique Broni Yeboah, resulting in her moving to a rented apartment in Kasoa, paid for by Nurien Shiabu Migyimah,” part of the statement reads.

According to the party, Migyimah’s actions have severely affected the constituency secretary, Sadique Broni Yeboah, and impacted his performance for the party.

The party stated that withdrawing Migyimah’s candidature would set a precedent that the NDC does not tolerate immorality.

“This immoral act by Nurien Shiabu Migyimah has had a traumatic psychological effect on the Assin Central Constituency Secretary, Comrade Sadique Broni Yeboah, affecting his performance as the Scribe of the Constituency,” the statement continued.

“After critically examining the revelations and facts that emerged from its investigation, the Regional FEC resolved that, in the best interest of the party, Nurien Shiabu Migyimah must be withdrawn as the 2024 Parliamentary Candidate for the Assin Central Constituency to safeguard the party’s image from further damage,” the statement concluded.

“It is in this light that we respectfully recommend the withdrawal of Nurien Shiabu Migyimah as the NDC’s 2024 Parliamentary Candidate for the Assin Central Constituency,” the statement read.


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