Former Workers of BCM Ghana To Petition CHRAJ Over Alleged Injustice

Some former employees of BCM Ghana Limited, a global civil earthworks and surface mining contractor, whose employments were unlawfully terminated under bizarre circumstances, are seeking intervention from relevant state institutions for justice.

The aggrieved workers, who alleged cases of victimization and human rights abuse meted out to them by management, want Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, as well as Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to take interest in the matter and investigate to uphold their rights and others.

At a news conference in Accra on Thursday, June 13, leader of the group, Mr Simon Terbobri, a former Human Resource Manager at BCM Ghana, who was allegedly marched out from his office without any compensation after 13years with the firm said, the inhumane manner workers are treated in the company, is depressing.

He mentioned that, the allegations of abuse and unlawful terminations against Mr Paul List, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BCM Ghana, an Australian mining contractor, is blatantly worrying, hence the need for workers’ right to be protected.

These allegations, spanning several years, have raised serious concerns about the treatment of employees and the integrity of the company’s management practices.

In June 2021, Mr List, allegedly assaulted a 62-year-old Ghanaian administration manager, Mr Jonathan Adongo, who had worked with the company for over 25 years’, he narrated.

It is claimed that Mr List, seized Adongo’s personal laptop and locked him out of the company’s secretarial office, allegedly to forge records and take over his wife’s shareholding in the company.

This incident is currently under judicial review.

In another troubling instance, Mr List, reportedly stripped a driver naked under the pretext of searching for a missing GH₵ 300, which was later found to have been used by the CEO to buy food.

Feeling dehumanized, the driver resigned from his position.

Additionally, Mr List, is accused of harassing a security guard, Mr Samuel Sor, to gather information about the movements of Mrs. Angela List, with whom Mr List, was reportedly estranged.

When Mr Sor, refused to comply, his employment was terminated.

Mr List’s alleged actions extended to the termination of the then Security Supervisor, Mr Roger Azare, who had worked with BCM Ghana since 2014.

Mr Azare, was dismissed under the guise of downsizing, with his phone allegedly confiscated and searched for communications with Mrs. Angela List.

Another former employee, Ms. Doreen, was reportedly terminated for seeking scholarship assistance and allegedly leaking company secrets, claims which have been disputed based on her job role.

She has also not been paid for two months of work, despite attempts to resolve the issue.

Ms. Abigail Boye, a long-serving employee of over 20 years, faced similar treatment.

Accused of being a spy for Mrs. Angela List, Ms Boye, was subjected to several disciplinary transfers before her eventual termination.

‘It is alleged that over 69 employees from the Tarkwa site and 19 from Accra, have been dismissed without following proper downsizing procedures.

These terminations are believed to be part of a strategy by Mr List, to remove employees perceived as loyal to Mrs. Angela List, amidst ongoing court disputes over shareholding.

The former HR Manager of BCM Ghana, also shared his experience, detailing an abrupt and unlawful termination while on medical leave.

After 15 years of service, he was placed on immediate paid leave, only to receive a backdated termination letter while still on leave, an action that contravenes Ghanaian labour laws.

These allegations, highlight a pattern of alleged human rights abuses and disregard for Ghanaian labour laws under Mr. List’s leadership.

He said, the terminations, often justified as downsizing, reportedly do not adhere to standard procedures and have involved the hiring of replacements at significantly higher salaries.

He stressed that the situation at BCM Ghana, has raised serious concerns among labour rights advocates and former employees, who are calling for a thorough investigation into these practices.

He noted that the ongoing court case regarding the assault on Mr Adongo, remains a pivotal point in addressing these broader issues of corporate governance and employee rights at BCM Ghana.


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