Embarking On Major Projects In Election Year Not Helpful

– ‘Chief Imam’ Advices

By Bernard Quanson.

The Chief Imam of Tuba in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra region, has urged politicians to desist from the practice of waiting until election year, before embarking on major infrastructure projects in their quest to develop the country.

The traditional leader, who is also the Dzasetse of Tuba, Nene Benjamin Hussein Agbo, noted that the ongoing expansion works on the Kasoato Winneba Road, could have commenced long ago and completed before this election year.

The Chief Imam, made this known in Tuba during a media briefing over the weekend regarding issues about this year’s Ramadan, which is about to start.

Nene Agbo noted that, politicians have to be God fearing, love and be truthful to the people they serve.

He said, when Governments are voted into power, it is expected of them to start their projects early enough, so that when their term of office is about to end, they commission these projects before the next elections are held.

Nene Agbo, also emphasized that politicians have to be truthful, in order to lead people in the right manner.

Touching on Ramadan, Imam Agbo, noted that Ramadan is like a special workshop by God for Moslems for 30 days instituted by Allah Himself, and was also observed by Moses in the past.

He said before one starts fasting, he or she has to repent from all sins for Allah to forgive him or her.

According to him, Allah had declared that any sin that people regret of and ask for forgiveness, He would forgive them.

“If we fail to repent from our sins, Allah cannot forgive us but if we repent, Allah would forgive us and bless us as well,” he admonished.

Nene Agbo, continued that it is common to observe that Muslims before fasting and Eid-ulFitr, many married couple ensure that they get married properly in accordance with Muslim rules to get blessings from Allah.

He said, Allah values our souls more than our bodies, because our souls would live forever if only, we do what Allah wants, whilst our bodies would die and decay one day.

Imam Agbo also said that, the body would go to hell, while the soul goes to heaven for a limited period.

The religious leader, emphasized the need for all to know that, we don’t have to cheat for property, because if we do Allah, would question us on the day of Judgment.

He concluding by saying, we should not look down on our culture, but rather we should be proud of it and use our traditional names and surnames, instead of European names that have been forced on us to lose our identity and origin.








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