Former British Envoy To Ghana Sacked

A former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin, has been fired from his job, after he pointed an assault rifle at a local embassy staff in Mexico, where he was based representing his country as Ambassador.

The incident, said to have occurred earlier this year, had the video leaked online, showing Mr Benjamin in a vehicle with other occupants and pointing a weapon at a lady, who looked visibly terrified.

The video of Mr Benjamin, a career diplomat, playing around with the high-powered weapon, was posted on a social media account believed to have been created by disgruntled local employees of the British embassy in Mexico City, who are unhappy at their treatment.

A post accompanying the video states: ‘In a context of daily killings in Mexico, he dares to joke.’

Another post added: ‘The British Embassy in Mexico has a history of hiding things to the public. Including how Jon Benjamin’s attitude of being above everything has resulted in the systematic harassment of Mexican staff.’

This is not the first time the controversial diplomat, has had issues with his host nation. While in Ghana, he often came under serious backlash, after meddling in local and national politics, but got away with it without any sanction.

The incident, has been reported by major international media outlets, including UK’s mailoneline,, Financial Times and others.

According to reports, he was on an official trip to Durango and Sinaloa, two northern Mexican states blighted by drug cartel violence.

His act, appears to some as a joke, but others found it to be a very expensive one, considering the fact that where it happened, is infamously known for crimes.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in a statement to MailOnline said: ‘We are aware of this incident and have taken appropriate action. Where internal issues do arise the FCDO has robust HR processes to address them.’

Mexico is currently experiencing a wave of violence, much of it caused by drug cartels fighting for control of the lucrative trade.

Mr Benjamin was appointed to Mexico in 2021. He has previously represented the British Government in Chile, Ghana, Turkey, Indonesia, and the United States, during his 35-year career in the diplomatic service.

After years of serving as High Commissioner, the diplomat left Ghana in June 2017.

Mr Benjamin, who was sometimes referred to as ‘Unusual Diplomat’ was noted in Ghana for his vile sarcastic comments on trending and topical issues, especially on social media site, Twitter now X.

His tweets mostly found him wanting and, on many occasions, was condemned and asked to apologize for meddling in national and political affairs.

Responding to suggestions that his tweets in Ghana, were largely politically motivated, he said, “I have put out some tweets that many people didn’t like but what I don’t do is going around insulting individuals by name, but what I get back is insults and some level of abuse.”

The ex-High Commissioner, made the above post, when he took a dig at the then president John Dramani Mahama in December ahead of the 2016 general election.

He had tweeted about the hazy harmattan weather that had engulfed Ghana and resulted in the temporal grounding of domestic and international flights.

Mr Benjaim said “Oh, that nasty air outside all of a sudden. Did someone inaugurate the Harmattan already?

His tweet was construed as a subtle jab on the Ghanaian leader, who was going round commissioning projects days to the election and some Ghanaians, who were not happy about his government mocked him. Many, including journalist Gary Al-Smith, asked the diplomat to act as one.

“No doubt, High Commissioner. What we are telling you is simple: act like a DIPLOMAT repping the UK. Some jokes can’t be “just banter” sir,” Sports Journalist Gary Al Smith tweeted.

But in response to Al Smith, Mr Benjamin, said he had worked closely with the president on several issues and his tweet about the harmattan, cannot be concluded as a troll of the president.

For now, Mr Benjamin, is no longer listed as the ambassador to Mexico on the UK government website, with his former deputy now in charge.

This is not the first or second time that Mr Benjamin, has found himself in controversy during his high-profile diplomatic career.

While the UK’s ambassador to Chile in 2012, he was forced into issuing a groveling apology after posting a derogatory football tweet about Argentinians and the Falklands War.

He added: ‘What were the islands that they took, from whom and for what reason? Maybe I’ll get to know at the National Stadium this Tuesday? I’ve already got my ticket.’

His post caused a national outcry in Argentina with national media accusing him of being rude and insulting the nation.

Mr Benjamin later removed the tweet and apologised, saying: ‘I’m sorry I offended with a private message that I published by mistake. I feel great affection for my Argentine friends and respect for their national side.’


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