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Father Frames-up Son For Killing The Mother

The woes of an unsupported Senior High School student was deepened after his biological father allegedly framed him up as the murder of his mother.

The incident, allegedly happened at Assin Fosu in the Central Region.

The victim, Isaac a student of Akyin Senior High School (SHS) in the Ekumfi District, has already been to prison remand for two months at the Ankaful and now back to continue his education.

The about 20-year-old, is a candidate of the on-going West African Senior Certificate Examination (WASSCE), but returned to school only on August 5.

He was facing trial for the murder of his biological mother until recently; his father who went into hiding in the Eastern Region, was later apprehended by the Police and allegedly confessed to the crime.

A General Arts teacher at Akyin SHS Frank A. Adams, who was touched by the sad ordeal of Isaac, told The Anchor the school was unaware of the incident until Isaac was released and returned to school to talk about his incarceration.

Even though Isaac is back in school, life has not been easy, coupled with the fact that he has no support coming from anywhere.

The touched teacher is, thus, pleading earnestly for support for Isaac through Mobile Money Number 0206449646 or any other means possible.

This paper learned that Isaac and his sister, had been the result of the marriage between their parents but after they divorced, and the mother remarried, his father shirked his responsibilities as far as the two of them were concerned.

While the sister travelled to seek for greener pastures, Isaac stayed with someone to be able to complete Junior High School (JHS).

He thereafter decided to return to live with his father even though he fends for himself while putting himself through secondary school at Akyin SHS.

Combining schooling and fending for self, however, became difficult and so he prevailed upon his father to assist him. But the now-arrested father refused, even though, Isaac claimed he was in the position to help.

It was at this point that he reached out to his mother, to intervene by coming over to talk to her former husband.

According to the teacher’s account, on that faithful day when the mother of Isaac was gruesomely killed, the deceased arrived ostensibly to come and plead on her son’s behalf for support.

While the two engaged in a talk, Isaac excused his parents and left the room.

Unfortunately, what was expected to be a smooth conversation turned into a heated argument and bloody which ended tragic!

“He called the mother, who had since remarried and had other children, to come and talk to his father to help him.

When the mother came, he excused himself to afford them privacy and it apparently turned into a quarrel between the father and the mother”, the teacher narrated.

The suspect, in this case, Isaac’s father, immediately absconded into the thin air.

Not knowing what had ensued between his parents, Isaac after a while retuned to the room only to find his mother in a pool of blood with the father not in sight.

“He later returned to the sight of his mother lying in a pool of blood with a knife driven into her chest, with his father nowhere to be found. The mother was pronounced were dead”, Mr. Adams added.

The unconscious woman was then rushed to the hospital but she was pronounced dead.

The police were called in to the scene, and they discovered a confession note apparently from the so called murderer.

The letter was purportedly written by the father but framed it up as coming from his son, Isaac, confessing to having murdered his own mother.

The boy was processed for court and handed a 2-month remand in imprison while investigations went on.

To get Isaac released, his uncle, brother of the late mother, went for a loan to get him a lawyer.

Fortunately for Isaac, a neighbour who had overheard the loud verbal exchanges between the now suspect and his late ex-wife, gathered courage to come forward to help with the investigation.

The father was subsequently traced to somewhere in the Eastern Region, where he had escaped to live with his girlfriend.

Isaac was released after two months at Ankaful prison and just returned to school on Friday, August 5 few days to the WASSCE.

The saddled teacher said “He is sitting for the W.A.S.S.C.E and I am already demoralized for him. I literally felt sick upon learning of his story. I had to sit him down and speak some words of encouragement to him. He has six (6) young siblings now”.

Mr. Frank A Adams has been encouraging Isaac to look up and put the unfortunate incident behind him and focus on the ongoing WASSCE.


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