Former MP Fights Successor For Boycotting Loan Agreement

A former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Okaikoi North constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Issah Fuseini, has chastised his successor, Theresa Awuni, for boycotting a loan agreement in Parliament last week Friday, accusing her of not having the interests of the constituents at heart.

The Minority in Parliament on Friday, May 17, staged a walk out from participating in the passage of loan agreements, as well as the approval of some ministers and deputies.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Minority side led by its leader, Dr Cassiel Ato Forson, had cited several reasons, why they were boycotting, including the worsening economic condition of Ghanaians.

Interestingly, one of the loan agreements, is to finance the Greater Accra Resilient and Integrated Development Project (GARID) project, which the Okaikoi North constituency stands to benefit.

But the beneficiary MP, was nowhere to be found when it mattered most on the floor of the House, as she opted to join her colleagues, leaving only the Majority side to pass the agreements.

“You told the people that you were seeking their interest, hence they voted for you, but when it came to decision making, you decided to stand with your political party, yet still you want to go back to them for them to renew your mandate? That is not fair to the people of Okaikoi North and that the people should remember that when it comes to the development in the Okaikoi North, you will seek the interest of your political party.”

Mr Fuseini, who has shown open disagreement with the action of his successor, says against all odds, the MP should have stayed in the Chamber to support the approval of the loan, especially the one on the GARID project.

He took a swipe at Miss Awuni for reneging on her duties as the peoples’ representative, adding that the project was dear to the hearts of the constituents who suffer perennial challenges any time it rains.

He said, the construction of storm drains would ensure that the flooding situation in some of the areas are curtailed.

“My point is that on Friday, when push came to shove and the Parliament of Ghana was approving a loan of $150Million to continue with the GARID project, my MP, decided to play politics with the issue and she stood with her people. Okaiakoi North is the only constituency that has two communities Alogoshie and Akweteyman added in this project.

Anytime it rains, these communities flood. If you go to Aborfu today, look at the storm drains that were constructed by President Kufuor, the slaps are falling off. People’s houses are being floored, yet still as a Member of Parliament (I have been there before) ask your questions, but when it gets to the point when development has to take place, stand with the people”, he argued forcefully on TV3’s New Day programme yesterday.

Parliament, however, approved the additional $150 million loan facility from the World Bank for the project last Friday.


But the MP, who was called into the show to react, denied the accusation, saying she has stayed true to the constituency and the GARID project.

Theresa Awuni, said she was part of the sod cutting of the project in question and attended meetings with the former MP in the constituency. She said there are records in Parliament, showing she asked questions about the project.

She said, she never stood alone against the project or the loan, but joined her side to boycott the approval because the government keeps contracting loans, but there are no tangibles to show for it.

According to the first time MP, even the GARID project, workers have not been paid as at the time she was speaking. She said the MP has every right to ask where these loan agreements go to.

“I wasn’t absent that is why I am surprised. I was present in Parliament and I have been part of this throughout. So I don’t know what my former MP is talking about. The fact that the minority side opposes to loans, especially loans that I cannot accounted for. Look, yes, I want development in my community I can tell you that the foreman and other people working on the site, have not been paid. People who are on site now have not been paid. If you take loans for a project and the purpose for which the loan was taken is not executed, you think that we don’t have the right to ask questions? You think that we should continue to approve, when we don’t know what the money is being used for?

Look, I am the first person who will advocate for development in my community. This their cheap propaganda will not fly. They have a product they can’t sell in Okaikoi North, they have a candidate they cannot sell in Okakoi North, so every day they want to add Theresa to every little thing.

Can they bring the facts where I stood on my own as Theresa Awuni to make certain utterances? Yes, I stand by my side in Parliament, because we stand on the side of Ghanaians. The hardship in the country, Rowland you are feeling it yourself.

And this incompetent and insensitive government will continue to take loans and will not utilize it for the purpose for which they take it. We have the right to ask question as Ghanaians. I have advocated for the GARID project in my community, I have hansard in Parliament to prove for it and I have my people at hearts. Thankfully the people of Okaikoi North, know me so well and this propaganda will not fly”, she pointed.

The Okaikoi North parliamentary seat is going to be a battle ground for the opposition NDC and the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the December poll. The NDC for the first time won it in the 2020 election with Theresa Awuni.

The NPP has, however, dumped Mr Fuseini and elected a sitting MP for the Akropong constituency, Nana Ama Dokua Asiamah-Adjei as their candidate. The NDC is repeating Miss Awuni and so it is going to be an all women affair for the two major parties on December 7.


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