Ghana’s ‘Dancing Queens’ Abigail & Afronitaa Wow Judges At ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Audition

By; Gifty Arthur

Ghana’s dancing duo, Afronitaa and Abigail Adjei, have taken their talent to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ show by raising the country’s flag high and earning standing ovation, amidst thunderous applauds and chants from both the judges and audience.

The two, had travelled all the way to the United Kingdom (UK) for an audition for the annual programme, which in the past featured musician Reggie and Bolle and a few other Ghanaians.

But over the weekend, when the young ladies stormed the stage to exhibit their God given talents, they amazingly got everybody in the auditorium on their feet, receiving four straight yeses from Judges, Bruno, Alesha and Amanda Simon, who predicted that, after the video of their performance hits the outside world, their lives are going to change for the better.

They could, however, not get the Golden Buzzer (a chance to skip past the boot camp stage of the competition, ultimately giving them a head start) because at the time they performed, the judges had issued all of them to previous participants, who came before them.

Fans of the show on the internet, say it was unfortunate the Golden Buzzer, had finished before they performed, because Abigail and Afronitaa privately known as Danita Akosua Adomaah Yeboah, rather deserved it.

Already, fans both home and abroad, are tipping the duo to go far in the competition and perhaps be the first Ghanaians to win it.

Dressed in beautiful yellow shirts and black jeans with a touch of Ghana’s kente, Abigail a hearing impaired 7-year-old and her chorographer Afronitaa, after their captivating performance, were described as “dancing queens” by Judge Bruno, amidst tears by some of the audience, including Afronitaa’s auntie and Abigail’s mother, who also lost her voice in the process due to shouts.

While 20-year-old Afronitaa has been a professional dancer for some years now and owns an academy for kids, Abigail, has been a onetime winner of TV3’s Talented Kids show. She was crowned winner of the 14th edition of the show in 2023.

According to Afronitaa, Abigail has always wished to take part in the Britain’s Got Talent competition and after meeting her, she felt obliged to help her accomplish that dream with her.

“I saw a video of her and I got Goosebumps all over me. Abigail has a tablet and if you go into it the history on YouTube, it is Britain’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent”. According to the talented chorographer, her mentee “Hears loud sound with vibrations either from her feet or in her chest”.

The duo who have received congratulatory and good will messages from many Ghanaians and many others across Africa and the world, danced to two of UK-based Ghanaian, Fuse ODG’s two songs, including Antenna.

After their electrifying performance, all four judges, together with the audience, gave them a standing ovation.

Remarking one after the other, first judge Amanda said “Oh my God. Wow. Oh my goodness me. That was absolutely, insanely good. So joyous, so brilliant so much fun. Hands down you are two of the most fantastic dancers we have ever had on Britain’s Got Talent. She is brilliant”.

Bruno: “Oh my God you two are dancing queens. Your chorography is I tell you world class. Not just dancers but a great chorographer as well”.

Alesha: “Both of you are just a breath of fresh air. That is just natural. God-given talent that you’re born with. I loved it”.

Difficult to please Simon Cowell, in his remark after giving them a thumps up, said “What you have done being a mentor is just the most wonderful story. It really, really is. When this goes out, I believe it’s going to change your lives for the better. This is one of my favourite auditions for the year”.

The two were accompanied to the show by Abigail’s mother and Afronitaa’s auntie and daughter. This means they are moving to the next stage of the show.

At the time of filing this story, their performance has received over three (3) millions views and thousands of likes, comments and shares.


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