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 …Adamus Resources Interim Mgt C’ttee Prevented Again

Drama unfolded last Wednesday, April 17, when an interim Management Committee (IMC) established by the Accra High Court (Commercial Division 7) on July 27, 2023, to direct the Management of Adamus Resources Ltd, was fiercely denied access to carry out its mandate as per the court ruling.

Members of the Committee, were left stranded after they allegedly prevented by the company’s security personnel and Police officers at the main entrance of the firm’s operational head office in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region.

This was after the five-member Committee, went to the mining firm’s headquarters and attempted to enter the premises to familiarize themselves with the operations of the company and also interact with the workers.

A member of the Interim Management Committee, Isaac Ackon, speaking to the media, stated that, they had earlier been prevented from entering the Head Office in Accra on March 25, in an attempt to carry out their mandate.

“We then decided to come to site on Tuesday April 16, so we went to the Western Regional Police headquarters to meet with the Police Command and seek their assistance to implement the court orders. So, the IMC will meet with the Management staff on site, then work with them as per the court ruling”.

“Unfortunately, we got to the site, and we have been prevented from accessing the mine. The information is that there is an order from somewhere which is preventing us from entering so we find ourselves as same as what happened in Accra,” he lamented in a report by 3news.

According to him, the Regional Police did not put in an appearance as earlier agreed but they met a Police detachment which they were told were sent from Accra, but they had also not been able to help them access the mine.

On the way forward, Isaac Ackon, says they will seek advice from their lawyers.
“we are not here to fight, we are here to carry out the mandate of the Court and to get the work going,” he stated.


First attempt

Before their current visit to the Adamus resources operational Head Office on Monday April 17, the IMC On Monday, March 25, 2024, were prevented by Adamus Resources from an attempt to takeover despite a legal decision by the High Court of Justice (Commercial Division) on July 27, 2023, which established an Interim Management Committee (IMC) to oversee Adamus Resources Ltd.

Adamus Mining, a company 90 percent owned by Adamus Australia, was purportedly purchased by Nguvu Mining Limited, a company registered in Mauritius, which sparked a chain of legal battles after the defendants (Adamus Mining) argued that Moses Kobina Bosompem, had never lawfully been a director or officer of Adamus Australia at the time he purported to have signed that November 7, 2022, share transfer agreement, which was done two weeks before the Supreme Court of Western Australia, delivered its judgment against Angela List, a 90percent shareholder in Nguvu Mining Limited).

Due to these legal battles, the Court, ordered a five-member Interim Management Committee be formed to oversee the Management staff of the company.

The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, complied with the orders of the Court and subsequently appointed Juliet Osei-Wusu (Mrs) as its representative to the IMC on October 5, 2023.

Mr Morrison and Adamus Australia, followed suit, through a resolution dated July 27, 2023, and duly appointed David Abini and Isaac Ackun, as its representatives to the IMC.

Nguvu Mining, however, has not made their two appointments to the IMC and resorted to challenge meetings called either by the government representative or the Defendants representatives.

Following another ruling of the High Court, Commercial Division 7, on February 19, 2024, Nguvu Mining Limited, forfeited its rights to appoint a member to the IMC, when it failed to duly appoint a representative on February 29, 2024, and to have its appointee’s name filed with the Registrar on March 4, 2024, as ordered by the Court.

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