Robbery Suspect Who Strangled Former Second Lady Caged

…After looting $61,000 Worth of Rolex Watches, Jewelry $50,000from Other Victims

A self-styled businessman, Yahuza Osumanu, accused of carrying out series of residential robberies involving high-profile personalities and elites, including a traumatic robbery incident at the home of former Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Yaaba Amissah Arthur, has been caged.

Yahuza Osumanu, who was brought before the High Court in Accra, is said tohave entered the former Second Lady’s Tesano residence, grabbed her neck and strangled her, while repeatedly hitting her head with his gun and made away with GH₵28,000, £50, and $2,200, as well as gold watch and necklace.

Prior to the attack of the wife of former Vice President, Matilda Amissah Arthur, Osumanu, is alleged to have carried out other robberies at different locations and succeeded in looting items, including two Rolex watches worth $61,000, two Cartier wristwatches worth $19,000, an iPhone 15 Pro Max worth $1,000, and jewelry worth $50,000, among others.

The single armed man, who resides at Pokuase-ACP, according to prosecution carries out his alleged nefarious activities around Airport, Cantonments, Tesano and Ridge.

Yahuza, who was slapped with 26 counts, comprising 20 counts of robbery and six counts of money laundering, pleaded not guilty to all charges, reports

He has since been remanded into prison custody by the High Court presided over by Justice Lydia Osei Marfo on Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

The Court, has also directed the Prosecution to file the compliment of their disclosures, while the case was adjourned to May 2, 2024.

Justice Marfo, has also directed that, a formal bail application filed on behalf of the accused by his lawyers led by Paul Asibi Abariga, be served on the Prosecution ahead of time.

Apart from the former 2nd Lady, businessman David Adjaye, and three others have all been robbed by the accused of their valuable properties at gunpoint.


The brief facts stated that, on December 15, 2023, the police received information that the accused person was hiding at Kasoa.

“The police proceeded to Kasoa and met the accused person seated in the front passenger seat of a grey Honda CRV vehicle.

“The police team stopped the vehicle, arrested him and took him to the CID headquarters to assist in investigation.

“During interrogation, the accused person admitted robbing the complainants.

“He told the police that he went on the robbery operations with a toy gun to prevent any resistance from the complainants,” the Prosecution stated.

“He identified himself in al the CCTV footages from the various scenes.

“He also led the police to the various crime scenes and demonstrated to the police how he gained ingress into the various houses to rob the complainants.

“Investigations have revealed that the accused has over the period acquired a number of properties through the unlawful activities of robbery.

First robbery

It said, on September 7, 2023, complainant, Augustine Okere reported to the Airport Police that at about 2:30am that morning, that his residence at Kaecla Court Apartments, Airport Residential Area was robbed.

It stated that, on receipt of the complaint, a team of police personnel from the Airport Police Division was dispatched to the crime scene.

Prosecution added that, the complainant told the police that, the accused entered his room, pointed a pistol at him and demanded for money and other valuables.

According to the Prosecution, Mr Okyere said he was robbed of two Rolex wrist watches valued at $38,000 and $23,000 and cash the sum of GHc2,000 and €3,500

The Prosecution stated that, on September 19, 2023, the owner of the Kacela Courts Apartments Dr. Abu Sakara Foster furnished the police with a pendrive which contained a CCTV footage of the accused person.

December Robbery

It is also the case of the Prosecution that, on December 4, 2023, the police received a distress call from the complainants Daniel Kwame Osafo and Tracy Osei-Hyeaman to the effect that they had been robbed.

According to the Prosecution, on receipt of the complaint, a team of police personnel was dispatched to the crime scene but on their arrival, the accused had fled.

It said, they told the police that the accused pointed a pistol at them while demanding for money and other valuables and succeeded in robbing them of a Cartier wrist watch valued at $9,000.m, an iPhone Pro-Max valued $1,000, a Cartier black pen valued at $500 and $5,000 all belonging to Daniel Kwame Osafo.

“The accused person also made away with jewelries valued at Fifty Thousand United States Dollars ($50,000.00USD) and a Cartier wristwatch valued at Ten Thousand United States Dollars ($10,000.00USD) belonging to Tracy Osei-Hyeaman.

The CCTV footages at the premises were obtained and reviewed.

Robbery of 2nd Lady

It is also the case of the Prosecution that, on December 5, 2023 at about 4:00am, the Tesano Police Division received information to the effect that the complainant Madam Matilda Yaaba Amissah Arthur had been robbed.

The brief facts stated that, on receipt of the complaint, a team of police personnel was dispatched to the crime scene but on their arrival, the accused person had fled.

“The complainant told the police that the accused person was wielding a gun and he threatened to kill her if she did not comply with his instructions.

“She stated that the accused person demanded for money and valuables and he succeeded in robbing her of money in the sum of three thousand (GH¢3,000.00), Two Thousand Two Hundred United States Dollars (USDS2,200.00) and Fifty Euros (EUR 50.00).

“The accused person also made away with a gold watch valued at Twenty Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH&20,000.00) and necklaces valued ta Fvie Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢5000.00).

“The accused person also assaulted the complainant by strangling her and hitting her head repeatedly on the ground whiles demanding for more booty,” the Court was told.

“The complainant lost consciousness momentarily and when she regained consciousness the accused person had left with her safe and the booty.

“She placed a call to the police guard on duty at her residence and asked him to look out for the accused.

“The guard spotted the accused person in the compound whiles he was trying to escape with the safe,” the Prosecution Stated.

“He gave the accused a chase but the accused abandoned the safe and managed to escape.”

On December 8, 2023, the police obtained CCTV footages from the crime scene and reviewed same.

The accused person was identified in the CCTV footage as Yahuza Osumanu.

Ridge robbery

On December 11, 2023, the Papa 15 police patrol team received information about a robbery incident at Ridge,” and “on receipt of the information, the patrol team proceeded to the crime scene.”

The Prosecution said, when they arrived at the scene, they met the complainant Margaret Alice Shaw who informed them that she was lying on her bed when the, accused person entered her room, pointed a gun at her and instructed her to hand over all her money and valuables to him.

“She told the police that the accused person ransacked her room and made away with a Rolex watch valued at Seventy Thousand United States Dollars ($70,000.00USD), a Panerai watch valued at Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars ($15,000.00USD) belonging to her son-in- law, David Adjaye, jewelleries valued at Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars ($15,000.00USD) belonging to her daughter Ashley Shaw Scott and cash in the sum of One Thousand Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GH₵,500.00),” the Prosecution stated.

It stated that, “an initial assessment by the police revealed that the accused person gained ingress into the house through the victim’s window in the kitchen which was not properly locked. The police took photographs of the crime scene.”

“That same day, the police returned to the crime scene with Crime Scene Management Experts.

“They processed the scene, reviewed the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) at the premises and obtained copies of the CCTV footage.

“On the 12 of December 2023, the police gathered information that the accused person Yahuza s u m a n was the one robbing inhabitants of Accra and that he was at Dome Pillar.

“On the 13 of December 2023, the police acting on a search warrant proceeded to House No. DNC 34, Dome Pillar 2, which was the hideout of the accused but they met his absence,” it stated.

“They proceeded to Tantra Hill and arrested one John Dela Sarah, the shop keeper of the accused person.

“He led the police to a two-bedroom apartment where the accused person lived with his family but when they arrived there the accused person had escaped.

“The police opened the apartment forcefully and a search conducted revealed three power motorbikes, toy-gun, assorted jewelleries, some electronic devices, a jack knife, one unregistered Toyota Prado vehicle, one unregistered Lexus vehicle and three other motorbikes which were retrieved from the house,” it added.


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