Takoradi ‘Vacation Classes’ Teacher Beats Student To Pulp

…For Coming To His Class Late

By Gifty Arthur

A teacher at the Varsity Vacation Classes in Takoradi, in the Western Region, Edwin Olympio, has found himself at the wrong side of the law.

This was after the teacher cruelly subjected a 16-year-old Senior High School (SHS) student, Emmanuel Adu Baoteng, to severe beatings, because the youngster failed to attend his Core Maths class on time.

The incident, which occurred on Thursday, February 8, 2024, occasioned the SHS Form 2 student, sustaining multiple injuries at his back, ears and hand.

Photos of the 16-year-old, intercepted by The Anchor, show the injuries, with the lower part of the victim’s left ear bleeding.

Case with police

The action of the teacher, who doubles as the director of the institution, has since been reported to the Takoradi Central Police Station for action.

Mother of the student, Paulina Asiedu, who spoke to The Anchor, over the weekend, said her son has also visited the Takoradi SDA Hospital, after a police medical form was issued to him, to seek medical attention.

According to her, Emmanuel, who could not eat or sleep after the incident, is now recuperating after he was examined and given medication.

The family and the teacher are expected back at the police station for further action.

How it happened

Narrating the incident to this paper, Madam Paulina said her son lives in Takoradi with her mother and younger brother, while she is based in Asankragua, in the same region.

She said on that fateful day, she out of the blue received photos of her son mercilessly beaten and so, enquired what had warranted such.

“It was a vacation classes so he [her son] went to class on Thursday, he was late his class was having maths and the Science Class was also having maths, he is also in Form Two, so he joined the other class (Science Class).

When they finished the class, the teacher saw him, he is also the director (in charge of the vacation classes) and started beating him with his hands asking why he did not come to his class and he said, he [son] was late so he had to join the other class,” she narrated.

According Ms. Paulina, the “[teacher] wasn’t convinced so he had to tell the boy to go and wait for him in his class. When he joined him in the class, he had to beat him with the cane too. So, my boy went to the HR and they told him [Olympio] that what he did wasn’t right so they took him to the hospital.”

Paulina said she quickly called her younger brother to act in her stead and go to the school to find out what was happening.

Upon his arrival, the teacher had heated argument with the victim’s uncle and in the process, Olympio retorted that the family can take him to wherever they deem it fit.

“I think when he went there, I think he had misunderstanding with the teacher. Because I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened, I don’t know how he confronted him but I know he will be angry knowing seeing his son [nephew] like that.

So, I think the director retaliated that we can take him anywhere, he doesn’t care.

He took the case to the police station, they gave medical report and then went to the hospital to treat the ear, the back and the hand. And afterwards, the man called me in the evening on Thursday around 5pm I didn’t know he was the one. I asked him if he was the one that beat my son. He said he was correcting him and I asked him is that how to correct a child?” Paulina said she expressed her disgust about the whole issue.”

She said the case is still with the police and her mother and brother will act on her behalf.

Paulina said even though her son is on vacation and school is expected to reopen March, she is not going to allow him to go back to the institution.

Paulina’s son was not the only victim. Olympio has been beating his students and there are parents with similar accounts.

Efforts to get the contact of the teacher for his side of the story had yielded no result, at the time of going to press.


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