Kasoa Missing Manhood Report False

– Says Municipal Security Council

The Awutu Senya East Municipal Security Council (MUSEC), has rubbished widespread reports of some individuals allegedly losing their manhood in the municipality after an encounter with some strangers suspected to be ritualists.

The Municipal Security Council said, its investigations have so far revealed that no such incident, had occurred and corroborated by any medical team.

MUSEC in a statement dated Tuesday, March 26, 2024, signed by its head, Anita Love Obo Amissah, said the rumours are “false” and asked those behind it to desist before the law catches up with them.

“It has come to the attention of the Municipal Security Council that some residents are peddling rumours that some ritualists are in the Municipality and that anytime they touch the genitalia area of a male, the penis of the victim disappears”.

The statement sighted by The Anchor said, “Investigations have revealed that, no such rumours have been corroborated by any medical team so far,” adding that, “the issue has generated a lot of fear, panic and chaos amongst the residents of the Awutu Senya East Municipality”.

It noted that, “The Security Council has taken a serious exception of the matter and as such wishes to inform the general public to go about their normal duties without fear, and that the Security Council are on top of their jobs to ensure a happy Easter Celebration”.

The Council, cautioned the public to be mindful of false rumours, as anyone found out to be behind peddling such falsehood, would be dealt with accordingly.

“The Security Council also wishes to caution the general public that, whoever is apprehended, and proven to peddle falsehood about missing genitals, will be severely sanctioned,” it warned.

Origin of Rumour

The false viral report, which was first broadcasted by Accra-based United Television (UTV) News, claimed seven of such incidents, have occurred within the past two weeks.

According to UTV’s correspondent in Kasoa, Jacob Kubi, the latest incident allegedly took place on March 24, 2024.

The reporter claimed, during the station’s Midday Live News on March 25, that a shoe seller operating in Kasoa found himself at the center of this alarming trend when he purportedly had body contact with two individuals believed to be of Nigerien origin.

Detailing the encounter, Jacob Kubi said, “In the past two weeks, seven people have had their penises missing in the Central region after having bodily contact with certain people.

“The recent one happened yesterday evening, a man who sells shoes at Kasoa under the overhead, two people who are believed to hail from Niger approached the shoe seller with the aim of buying some of his shoes.

“They asked for the price, and these two guys pretended as if they didn’t understand what the seller was saying. One of them got closer and made body contact with him and according to the seller, he felt like an electric shock in his body and realized his penis was missing after constant checks.”

He explained that the suspects were apprehended and taken to the Kasoa C.B.D police station and subsequent police interrogation, revealed a confession from one of the suspects of masterminding the act and also claiming the ability to restore the missing manhood through incantations and chants.

However, despite his numerous efforts, the victim’s manhood remained missing at the time of filing the report.

He added that, the suspects had suggested that they are about 40 individuals operating in Accra, engaged in similar activities.

“So, he blew an alarm for people to come around and the two were arrested and taken to Kasoa C.B.D police station. and upon police interrogation, the man confirmed that he actually took his penis and he can restore it, but upon a series of incantations and chanting, the penis is yet to be restored.

“The man has been taken to hospital for medical attention, but still, his manhood is missing. But the person whose penis got missing about two weeks ago has his own restored, but his penis cannot function anymore.

“According to the suspects they are about 40 in number in Accra doing such business by making people’s penis go missing,” he added.


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