The Unforgettable Experience of Heritage Caravan 2024

Culture, Adventure & Community:

By; Leticia Osei with contributions from Umaru Sanda Amadu

On Sunday, March 3, about 170 enthusiastic patrons, known as ‘Caravanites’, embarked on the highly-anticipated Citi FM/Citi TV 2024 Heritage Caravan. It was a transformative journey spanning eight days to explore 14 regions of Ghana.

This immersive journey provided a deep dive into the heart of Ghana, showcasing its rich cultural diversity to the eager caravanites.

The Heritage Caravan, serves as a vibrant exploration of Ghana’s cultural tapestry, blending history, gastronomy, and entertainment in every region it embraces.

Throughout the 8-day expedition, participants whose ages range between early 20s and mid-70s, experienced a journey of a lifetime, being exposed to the diverse cultures of Ghana.

The 8- day journey took ‘Caravanites’ through the Volta, Eastern, Ashanti, Bono, Ahafo, Bono East, Upper East, North East, Northern, Savannah, Western North, Western, and Central Regions, before returning to the Greater Accra Region.

For many participants, especially those travelling outside the Greater Accra region for the first time, the journey was filled with anticipation and excitement.

It provided a learning curve for many, as they delved into the stories behind various tourist sites, while others saw it as an opportunity to have fun away from their busy schedules.

In the Volta region, participants indulged in a Volta Food Bazaar and a Kente Durbar, savoring local dishes and enjoying waist breaking borborbor dances by various cultural troupes.

In the Eastern region, patrons literally “discovered the unknown” meals of the region at a lunch hosted by the Regional Minister, Seth Acheampong. The breathtaking mountainous and valley scenes of the region could easily pass as dessert for patrons as they strained from right to left taking in the views.

The journey then transitioned to the Ashanti region, where participants visited the prestigious Manhyia Palace Museum and witnessed the return of looted artifacts.

The adventure continued with visits to natural wonders such as the Kintampo Waterfalls in the Bono East region and the Paga Crocodile Pond in the Upper East region, where those wild reptiles allowed patrons to pose for pictures with them, as they lied motionless at the bank of the pond enjoying the hot sun rays that land on their thick backs.

In the Northern Regional capital, Tamale, a cultural night at the Dakpema Palace, did not only expose Caravanites to the beautiful dances and songs of Dagbon, but also, to the spectacular performance of horse riders, who proved that even horses can dance when the rhythm is good.

The Mole National Park in the Savannah region, also brought many patrons face to face for the first time with mountain sized elephants which they hitherto, had only seen on television screens and pictures. The sight of the largest animal on earth was perhaps, one of the major highlights of the trip.

Having done seven out of the eight days journey, the elegant Maaha Beach Resort in the Western region, was just the right relaxation spot for patrons to cool off.

A formal dinner and a bonfire night climaxed by barefoot walks on the sandy beaches of Nzema land was heavenly.

Throughout the expedition, participants celebrated Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, interacted with local communities, and formed lasting memories.

Returning to Accra and the pressures of work and life was the last thing Caravanites wished for, but alas, the journey had to end as they grudgingly and reluctantly dragged their luggage out of the buses parked at the premises of Citi TV before disappearing into the night skies towards home.

The success of the Heritage Caravan, was made possible through the support of sponsors such as the National Lottery Authority, Goil PLC, Hollard Insurance, GB Foods, OmniBsic bank, BelPak, Bel Beverages, and Assembled in Ghana.


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