Dozing FDA Outwitted

…As Criminals Flood Market With Fake Bottled Water


Some faceless individuals have, on the blind side of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), brazenly flooded the market with fake bottled water, called SLIMFIT Mineral Water, though the authority claims they have an effective surveillance team.

It took the vigilance of some social media users, to awaken the fast asleep Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), whose mandate it is to ensure the safety of food and drugs on the Ghanaian market, to confirm the criminality.

The FDA, in a statement, said it has no record of such brand of water except the one it had approved for Twellium Ghana Company, called SLEM Purified Drinking Water, but not “SLIMFIT Mineral Water.”

“The attention of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has been drawn to the circulation of pictorial images of an unregistered bottled mineral water, SLEMFIT Mineral Water, on the Ghanaian market).

The brand registered by the FDA is SLEMFIT (mineral water and purified water) produced by the Twellium Industrial Company Limited,” a statement by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mimi Darko, said.

It is believed, the individuals deliberately embarked on this move by changing the letter E to I, to confuse or outwit unsuspecting consumers of the registered brand.

Images of the two bottles look and are shaped the same, with the same blue colour inscriptions, except the change in the use of E and I in the name.

Indeed, many on the internet users have indicated they have been confused by the double names on the market, but could not tell the authenticity of SLIMFIT Mineral Water since SMEMFIT mineral water was a brand they already knew.

It is unclear how long this unregistered bottled water has been in existence.

It is alleged the company may likely belong to Lebanese nationals, but they are yet to be apprehended. The Anchor cannot however independently attest to that claim.

The FDA said its officers have been tasked to remove all the unregistered mineral water from the markets and also go after the producers and distributors.

The statement issued on Friday January 19 continued to say that “The FDA wishes to assure the public that its surveillance teams are monitoring the markets to remove the unregistered SLIMFIT mineral water from trade and also to find the producers and distributors.

“The FDA takes this opportunity to advise the public not to patronize unregistered products as their safety and quality cannot be ascertained.

“Therefore, this publication is urging all consumers to be vigilant when buying packaged products and report any suspicious products to the FDA for the necessary regulatory action to be taken.

The public is encouraged to provide any relevant information to assist the FDA. Please channel all concerns and communication on the above through the following contacts.”

The issue was brought to the attention of the FDA via a social media post by journalist Samuel Nii Narku Dowuona. The former Adom FM broadcaster, now in charge of Tech24/7gh portal, who showed pictorial images of the waters, claimed people who have tasted the two waters said one tasted funny.

He posted “I have archived my earlier post for now. These two are different mineral water products. SLEMFIT is from Twellium Ghana and Lesfam Company Limited is promoting a product it describes as SLIMFIT MINERAL WATER on social media. The question is, which one is genuine and which one is the adulteration?

“Food and Drugs Authority Ghana, did you approve of both brands with the names and same brand design? This is very confusing, particularly now that people are complaining that one of the products tastes funny.”

His post, which drew the attention of many social media users, was shared by many, including another broadcaster with Media General, Johnnie Hughes.

The 3FM presenter promised to follow up and so few hours later after contacting the FDA, he shared a statement from them, indicating the status of SLIMFIT Mineral Water and the measures put in place to ensure safety of consumers and plans to arrest the producers.

The FDA, in collaboration with the security agencies, is hopeful that those behind this illegality will in no time be found to face the law.


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