Adutwum On a Deadly Mission At UCC – Stakeholders Express Worry

Following our publication on the clandestine move by the Minister of Education to appoint Prof Amonoo Kuofi as the Council Chair of University of Cape Coast (UCC), our men in the ground have been following up on the story.

Sources close to Prof Amonoo Kuofi indicates that he was called on phone by the Minister on a Sunday evening prior to our first publication.

The Minister is alleged to have informed the old Prof who is so much conflicted with UCC that he Adutwum has a three-point agenda which Amonoo Kuofi can be the only one to execute at UCC.

In spite of the many allegations against Prof Amonoo Kuofi at Cape Coast Technical University (CCTU), the minister is alleged to have praised Prof Amonoo for execution of another assignment at CCTU which saw the former Vice Chancellor leave Office with some of his entitlements denied.

Prof Amonoo Kuofi, is reported to have already gone to the University of Cape Coast to conduct some investigations about the assignment the Minster has given him.

He is reported to have met one Assistant Registrar who we understand is the Recorder of the University Council. The two were spotted at the administration block of the University in a tet a tet conversation.

Our sources suggest that Dr. Adutwum wants the extension of the term of the Vice Chancellor which was done by the previous Council to be revoked by the new Council because it is perceived that the Vice Chancellor is an ally of an internal political opponent of the Dr. Adutwum and not because any procedure was breached.

As we indicated in our earlier publication, Prof Amonoo Kuofi who is a former Provost of the College of Health and Allied Sciences at the University of Cape Coast left the university under bizarre circumstances and has a lot of baggage on his hands which will put him in a huge conflict of interest position if he is appointed as Chairman of the UCC Council.

One of the issues which we did not mention in our previous story is the fact that the daughter of Prof Amonoo Kuofi who was granted study leave by the University even though she did not qualify, but for the influence of her father, has refused to return to the university.

She is set to refund all moneys to the university.

Prof Amonoo Kuofi still draws his pension from the University of Cape Coast Superannuation Scheme, a body that reports University Council.

Suffice to say that in recent times, there has been some agitations from the pensioners which the Council has had to make tough decisions. This will surely put Prof Amonoo in a conflict situation as well.

We understand that the matter has generated a lot of heat on campus particularly among lecturers who are not in support of this proposed appointment.

A number of the Alumni we have spoken to also express worry that UCC will be turned in UEW under NPP.

We are monitoring the situation.

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