VALCO Staff Hail 3FM’s Johnnie Hughes

…After “Let The Retirees Go” Crusade

The Industrial and Commercial Workers Union, the local chapter of the Volta Aluminum Company Limited (VAL­CO),has recognized the host of the 3FMSunrise Morning Show, Johnnie Hughes, for his relentless campaign that saw an overhaul of the leadership at the company.

The organization’s top echelon had been overtaken by people who had passed the mandatory retirement age of 60 years, and who the staff said had “hijacked the company” for their personal benefit.

In his “Let the Retirees Go, Let the Young Grow Campaign” on #Johnnies’Bite segment, however, the daring radio presenter took on the system and successfully advocated a change of the status quo.

Eight retirees, who were occupying top positions at VALCO, were replaced with qualified persons at various levels.

Leadership of the workers union, who were grateful for the broadcaster’s role in championing the interest of the state asset from collapse and the possible job losses, stormed the premises of 3FM at Media General to express their profound gratitude, where they presented a plaque.

In a citation, the workers said, “for your exceptional support of the Labour Union’s fight for fairness and dignity at the workplace. Your unwavering dedication to amplifying the voices of workers through your platform has been instrumental in achieving a meaningful and a positive change for the entire VALCO. Thank you for your invaluable contribution.”

On his part, the organizer of the VALCO Local Union, Courage Apetorli Nunekpeku, at the presentation, said “we want to appreciate you, not for VALCO but for Ghana.”

He encouraged Johnnie Hughes to continue to speak for the many Ghanaians whose voices could not be heard on their community concerns.

Head of 3FM, Lois Kissiedu, was grateful to the VALCO Local Union.

“We are happy to know we impact such change in our society and we are happy to see the changes happening”, she said.

Established as a collaborative venture between the Government of Ghana and Kaiser and Reynolds of the United States of America and commenced operations in 1967, VALCO has gone through tur­bulent phases including a series of shutdowns largely due to the lack of investment, repairs, and maintenance until recently.

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