Premix Automation Worsens Fuel Corruption

– Elmina Fisherfolks Cry

Some frustrated fishermen at Elmina in the Central Region have said the introduction of the Automated Premix Fuel Dispensing and Monitoring System which is expected to reduce abuse and waste in the supply chain to ensure efficiency and transparency has become a conduit for massive corruption.

Voicing out their frustration at a press conference, immediate past National Premix Committee Chairman, John Quayson, said the persistent occurrence of premix fuel diversion, despite the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent commissioning of the Premix Automation Fuel Dispensary and Monitoring System, leaves much to be desired.

According to him, the introduction of the Premix Automation as declared by Vice President to eliminate the corruption, diversion and other bottlenecks associated with the supply and distribution of premix fuel appears not achieving its objectives.

Mr. Quayson, popularly known in the fishing industry as ‘Maanoma,’ bemoaned that the initiative has yielded no positive impact on fisherfolks in accessing premix fuel but rather deepened the woes of premix corruption, as Branch Executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) still call the shots on the selling of premix fuel across the country.

The former National Premix Committee chairman alleged that these party executives have strategically hijacked the flow of premix fuel from reaching fisherfolks, seized the opportunity to hike prices of the fuel to sell a gallon of premix for GH¢350, instead of GH¢240, with a barrel of premix fuel being sold for GH¢3,000 instead of GH¢1,680.

He recounted that the Veep’s commissioned Premix Dispensary seems to be a white elephant barely a month down the lane, as fuel tankers still deposit premix fuel at old premix landing sites instead of the automated dispensary joints as this defeats the purpose of the initiative.

‘Maanoma’ relayed all this in a press conference held close to the newly commissioned Premix Automation Fuel Dispensary at Elmina.

The veteran fisherman, however, blamed the persisting menace in the fishing industry on the current National Premix Committee Chairman, Mr. Dennis Percy val Quaicoe, due to parliamentary race to monitor the abnormality.

Some fisherfolks of Elmina in an interview said they are finding things difficult in accessing premix fuel for their work, as they still face the challenge of fuel corruption and other dubious activities by middlemen.

They claimed that there were still middlemen infiltrating the business, though there was an automated system.

They appealed to the government to make the process visible for all, especially the fishermen themselves, to ensure accuracy and transparency in the process.

“The middlemen are still doing their job oo, regardless of the new system but the government must sit up and do something about it,” he added.


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