Come To Nogokpo In 14days

-Angry Chiefs Summon Agyinasare

The Council of Elders from the Nogokpo traditional area in the Ketu South Municipality in the Volta Region has summoned Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, to appear before them in person within 14days for a “peace talk,” following certain derogatory statements he made.

At a press conference last Friday, June 2, 2023 at Nogokpo at the instance of the leading overlords of the Anlo State, the chiefs said failure by Archbishop Agyinasare to honour their invitation, in person, would compel them to advise themselves.

“We, the chiefs and people of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality of Volta region, give 14-days ultimatum to Archbishop Dr. Charles Agyinasare, the founder of Perez Chapel International, to meet us in person for peace talk about a statement he made that, “Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters of volta region…”

The chiefs and elders, led by Torgbui Saba V, Chief of Nogokpo, amid the pouring of libation, said, “That it is expected that this 14-days ultimatum given to Agyinasare will serve as peremptory to do the needful but his rejection might compel us to advise ourselves.”

Convener of the Nogokpo community, Nufialaga Mawufemor Korbla Nonyigbey, in a subsequent media interview, threatened that, the revered Archbishop could make himself a scapegoat if he fails to show up at the Nogokpo palace.

“We have given him a 14-day ultimatum. If he wants to do the needful, he should come. If he doesn’t want to, he should refuse. If he is mature enough, he should do what is needful. If Agyinasare doesn’t do the needful, we will make him a scapegoat,” he cautioned.

According to the chiefs, the utterances by the Man of God was simply a deliberate attempt to tarnish the reputation of the people of Nogokpo and to weaken the African Traditional Religion through religious intolerance, as he showed no remorse or regret in the aftermath of his comments.

“The Archbishop in his second sermon and clarification showed no remorse or regretfulness, an indication that he deliberately decided to tarnish the good reputation of the people of Nogokpo and a calculated damage mechanism of the usual religious intolerance to weaken African Traditional Religion,” they stated.


Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare, on the third day of a summit held recently at the headquarters of Perez Chapel in Accra, preached about divine protection and the existence of evil forces.

During his preaching, the Archbishop recounted an incident where his team received spiritual attacks for hosting a crusade in the Volta Region.

“During this crusade in Aflao, we slept at Agbozume, that was where our hotel was, and you must go through Nogokpo. And Nogokpo is the demonic headquarters in the Volta Region.

“We only have not said it but the second night I made Bishop Yaw Adu talk about witchcraft and we disgraced the witches and wizards.

“When we were driving from Aflao to Agbozume, immediately we got to Nogokpo, Bishop Yaw Adu’s four-wheel drive, the tyre came out from under the car,” he recounted.

But following the publication of the video online, the Church leader has come under heavy criticism and backlash from many social media users.


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