Nanton MP was stitched up in Parliament’s washroom – Habib Iddrisu reveals

The first deputy Majority Chief Whip, Habib Iddrisu, has shockingly revealed that the Member of Parliament for Nanton, Mohammed Hardi Tuferu, was stitched up in Parliament’s washroom after suffering a near-fatal accident on his way to vote for the passage of the three new tax bills.

Mohammed Tuferu was involved in an accident ahead of a crucial vote on the government’s revenue bills on Friday.

His car reportedly somersaulted several times before landing upside down.

The MP is reported to have suffered a deep cut on his forehead but was still taken to Parliament to vote before he was taken to hospital for further treatment.

Some Ghanaians have described the decision to rush the MP to Parliament after a near-fatal accident as reckless and insensitive but speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, April 3, Mr Iddrisu said safety precautions were taken before the MP was sent to Parliament to participate in proceedings.

“The time we were taking the voice vote, he had come to Parliament and I put him in the washroom, we didn’t put him in the Chamber, we put him in the washroom and brought the nurses from Parliament and a doctor to attend to him. The Majority Leader came, and the nurses from Parliament came to attend to him in the washroom”.

“He had minor bruises on his face, so they cleaned it up and even stitched it up. So he was stitched in Parliament in the washroom.”

Mr Iddrisu also dismissed claims that several other majority MPs were absent from Parliament.

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