Ahanta Traditional Council Endorses Labianca Owner

The Ahanta Traditional Council in the Western Region has officially endorsed the selection and subsequent appointment of Nana Akwanzi Abroba IV, a chief of Princess Town,as the new acting president of the council.

The new acting president, prior to her appointment, was known in private life as Madam Eunice Jacqueline Buah Asomah-Hinneh, the owner of Labianca Company Limited and Council of State member, representing the Western Region.

It comes in the wake of a temporary vacancy created by the substantive president, following his unfortunate inability to continue with his duties, which tradition required a temporary person to fill the position.

The decision by the Traditional Council to settle on Nana Akwanzi Abroba IV as caretaker president was taken on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, at an emergency meeting after several deliberations and considerations by all the council members present.

In a statement sighted by The Anchor, the council stated that the total membership of the traditional council stands at thirty-one (31), but with10 vacancies, thus bringing the current membership to twenty-one.

The statement, issued by Nana Akye Kesse VI, Divisional Chief of Cape Three Points, noted that, all the 21 members were present at the meeting, and constituted the majority before the appointment was made and endorsed.

“We wish to unequivocally state that Nana Akwanzi Abraba IV was duly nominated for which the said nomination was not contested making her the preferred choice,” the Council said.

According to the traditional leaders, “it is therefore strange and disturbing to find in the Chronicle newspaper a story claiming that the Chief Executive Officer of Labianca allegedly imposed herself on the traditional council and, thus, is not qualified to occupy.”

The chiefs have, therefore, condemned individuals who sought to disrespect the traditional council’s choice, which was duly carried out by council members.

They said that, Nananom would like to state that the customary, statutory and administrative functions and running of the Ahanta Traditional Council in the absence of our paramount chief, there should be a caretaker who must or should be a gazetted chief and the council some section of the council proposing Nana AwaziAbrabo IV of Princess Town Division and being seconded never brought her way as suggested by the journalist.

“We are to set the record straight and also to let you know that the Ahanta Traditional Council is not in disarray, as the Chronicle story implies, and to assure the newly appointed Acting President of the traditional council of our full support,” Nana Akyekese added.

Below Is The Full Text:

We are not just to set the records straight, to the effect that our Traditional Council is more than united, but this public meeting with you is also to show and exhibit our utmost support for our newly appointed Acting President and above all to explain to all Ahantas that we took so many factors into consideration before arriving at the decision.

Let it therefore be known to all and sundry that the Ahanta Traditional Council is not in disarray, as the Chronicle story implies, and to assure the newly appointed Acting President of the traditional council of our full support, Nana Akyekese added.

Let us be mindful of the fact that the Chronicle erred grievously when without official confirmation, it went ahead to publish that our Paramount Chief had joined his ancestors.

Please take notice that we have not told anyone that the Omanhene has gone to his village.

Nananom do observe, and we should state, that once a person ascends to a stool, his/her status changes. He is given stool name. From that moment, it would be an act of gross disrespect to him as well as his people to keep referring to him by his private name. Nananom therefore condemn in no uncertain terms the use of names such as Mrs. Eunice Josephine Buah Asumah – Hinneh, La Bianca owner, the woman, among others, to describe Nana AkwanziAbroba IV of Princess Town by the said Chronicle reporter.

The traditional council would like to use this medium to urge everyone, particularly the press and diverse individuals, to be cautious in their criticisms of the traditional council and to respect the decision of the Nananom, who unanimously endorsed Nana Akwanzi Abraba IV, a duly gazetted chief and member of the traditional council, as its Acting President.

Source: Anchorghana

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