NDC Filthy Secrets Dropping Tot-By-Tot

The long-held suspected underhand dealings by some elements within the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are being released into the public domain, ahead of its national delegates’ conference slated for this Saturday, December 17, at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Reports are that, some officials of the party are allegedly in bed with the Akufo-Addo–led government and have amassed wealth, even though the party is currently in opposition.

Retained national Youth Organizer of the umbrella party was first to openly question the source of wealth of the National Communication Officer, Sammy Gyamfi.

George Opare Addo wants his colleague lawyer and national executive member to tell Ghanaians how he came by the properties he owns in an affluent area in Accra, when he is unemployed.

Speaking in a recent interview on Accra-based Power FM a few days ago, monitored by The Anchor, Opare Addo, affectionately called Pablo, tasked the host, Mugabe Maase, to ask how his bitter rival came by his newly-built mansion at Airport Hills in Accra.

“Mugabe, ask Sammy Gyamfi how he built a house at Airport Hills, what work does he do?” he rhetorically asked.

Interestingly, some unknown individuals have since leaked a video, sighted by The Anchor, showing a building said to be the mansion belonging to Sammy Gyamfi, which some say may have cost a fortune.

According to Pablo, contrary to the known fact that he contested against Ernest Yaw Brogya Genfi, in the 10th Women and Youth Organizers elections, his main challenger was rather “that Airport Hills small boy,” Sammy Gyamfi.

He bragged, saying his colleague party member is nobody in the scheme of things as he has lived life far better.

The former Akuapim North Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) further said, “As for this election, it was that Airport Hills small boy I contested, not Brogya, I said today I will mention names… I contested Sammy Gyamfi and I won.

He is a small boy. There is nothing he can match me on, I have lived life well. He is a small boy.”

Sammy Gyamfi openly campaigned for his friend, Yaw Brogya Genfi, to be elected National Youth Organizer, but lost by 25 votes.

Opare Addo was not happy with Sammy Gyamfi, saying he has become an obstacle he has to deal with. He warned he will go all out in this second term and will be forced to crush anybody who will stand in his way.

“Yes, Sammy Gyamfi has now become an obstacle and in my way and this my second term I will not joke! I will cut away anybody who stands in my way as an obstacle. It is only action that we will see. Action, action, action….”  Opare Addo said.

In that same interview, Opare Addo further revealed previous reconciliation attempts he made with Sammy Gyamfi that failed.

“I called him twice for us to meet at my Dzorwulu office, ask him. He was at Peace FM. I called him to come for us to sit and talk so that we can work together. So what is my crime?” Opare Addo revealed.

“I told him (Sammy Gyamfi) that the situation where he passes the other way when I pass one way will not help the party and I want us to work together to bring NDC to power, ask him if I am lying,” Opare Addo revealed.

Some have said the two have not been on good terms for a long time. A source told The Anchor that, since the inception of Pablo, Sammy has refrained from openly engaging the Youth Organizer in all its programmes.

In a few of the demonstrations organized by the youth department of the NDC, spearheaded by Mr.Opare Addo, Sammy failed to show up. Many questions were asked, but none was able to give reason why he did not show up.

Meanwhile, in a different interview with Onua FM’s Captain Smart, Sammy Gyamfi said he will not dignify or descend into “gutters” with the National Organizer of the NDC.

According to him, it is unfortunate Pablo has chosen to go on that path because, as a winner, he expected that he will preach unity so they forge ahead.

He recounted how he has struck a great relationship with his sole contender in the 2018 election, Fred Agbenyo, and they are working together.

He also recalled how one Kwasi Godwin Ametowogo, who wanted to contest him this weekend in the second leg of the national delegates’ conference but was disqualified at vetting, has become a good friend of his.

Earlier, Sammy Gyamfi in a subtle rebuttal to the Power FM and also Asempa FM interviews by Pablo on Tuesday quoted some Bible verses to respond to his accuser.

In two posts, Sammy wrote on Facebook, saying “Brogya Genfi Proverbs 21:31. The horse is prepared for the day of battle, But the victory comes from the LORD. #Nyamebeye

Proverbs 26:4-5 on my mind; Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.”

Meanwhile, the Bono Regional chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Kwame Baffoe, alias Abronye DC, has waded into the controversy about a supposed mansion being built by the NDC National Communications Officer.

In a statement sighted by The Anchor, Abronyeindicated that, while a part of the funds for the construction comes from monies diverted by the previous government, a major part of the funding for Sammy Gyamfi’s mansion is from persons within the ruling NPP.

“The most important question footsoldiers must ask ourselves is: Who gave him the money to construct the said building? What is his source of wealth in opposition? Or is it the case that he is benefiting more from this administration than those who birthed it?”

Below Is Published, The Full Statement By Abronye


I have seen a video of George Opare Addo which has been widely circulated by some nppfootsoldiers and patriots, concerning a house Sammy Gyamfi is building at Airport Residential area.

The most important question footsoldiers must ask ourselves is who gave him the money to construct the said building? What is his source of wealth in opposition? Or is it the case that he is benefiting from this administration than those who birth it?

As a matter of fact, part of the money came from monies Mr. Mahama diverted from the state through several corrupt activities that occurred under the erstwhile government of which we (NPP Government) have been unable to prosecute a majority of such cases however, a large chunk of the money also came from NPP bigwigs.

Indeed, not all NPP faithful can be appointees but all worked hard to birth this government. In fact, some persons who survived incidents that may have taken their lives just to see NPP win power in 2016 are the ones suffering the most.

As a footsoldier, what support have you received from the government appointees you see living lavish lifestyles on social media?

I know a government appointee who flies NDC communicators to Dubai for holidays so as to stop them from attacking his personality and the agency he heads working as a CEO.

Same NDC communicators will sit on Tv attacking Akufo Addo left, right, centre and using all manner of words and that seems not to be a problem for such CEO’s and appointees because all they care about is their side chicks and themselves.

The benefit Sammy Gyamfi and Co has received from this government’s appointees far exceed what constituency executives, Regional Executives, polling stations executives and foot soldiers combined have received since this party came to power.

In recent times, I have been calling on the President Akufo Addo government and his appointees to publish list of projects that have been given to Regional chairmen, Regional Executives and Constituency Executives since 2017.

I have informed the Chief of staff, The President, Vice President, former GS and Gaby Otchere Darko about this issue and nothing has been done about it. I have on so many occasions informed the president about how myself and several other persons who sacrificed to birth this government have been maltreated by his government and I don’t think the president can on any day deny this.

Those who sacrificed the most in 2016 are those suffering the most today.
Today, NPP is in power but certain serial callers, social media activists even struggle to make ends meet.

If I Kwame BaffoeAbronye and my colleague Regional Chairpersons, Former Constituency Chairmen, Current and former constituencies Executives are suffering, how much more a footsoldier, serial caller, social media activist, etc..

It will amaze you that, party executives who are industrious farmers are begging for loans from a certain Bank [Name withheld] to expand their businesses, but to no avail.

These farmers have been denied support yet Akwasi Addai Odike has been given $50,000 by this same state bank to set up a factory in Kumasi and absolutely nothing has been done on the purported land.

Odike has squandered the money to the bone and yet he is always on Radio and TV insulting the President.

Same Akwasi Addai Odike was awarded a cocoa road contract worth GHS10million and sold it to our Chairman WONTUMI for GHS 800,000.00

Meanwhile, the contract documents of party officers who are sustaining the party including my good self-contract documents every now and then mysteriously disappear from the Jubliee house. Other diehardfaithfuls have not even seen a contract before.
Is Odike better than our Regional Chairmen, our constituency executives, former party Stewart who are dying of hunger? Or did Odike sacrifice more than our teeming footsoldiers?

Again, AseiduNketia in 2018 had mining concessions from the late Sir John, but NPP executives were denied same.

Today, certain appointees are still giving out juicy contracts to known NDC officers while our own remain neglected.

If Sammy Gyamfi and Co are enjoying today then we should blame some of this government appointees who are financing them.

Personally I have stopped defending the party because of this.
Some of our appointees pay NDC communicators monthly to stop them from attacking them but do not care about those who defend the President.

If all our ministers and appointees are like Napo, Ursula Owusu, Amoako Atta, Dr. Afriye Akoto, Kan Dapaah and Ken Ofori Atta, Baffour Awuah, Kennedy Agyapong, Dr.Boadi of Geftfund and our able and dynamic vice president then we are good to break the 8 because these appointees and “big men” are not afraid of any attack from the NDC let alone bribing them to keep quiet. These appointees especially head of state agencies should know that the NPP has a vibrant communication team than the NDC but because of their wickedness the party is today suffering.

I know several party officers and foot soldiers are suffering to death but can’t speak out. For me, I will speak out!

Breaking the 8 is possible only if our appointees will stop being self centered and greedy.

The irony is that, the few benefiting from this government are rather feeding NDC officers so that in the unlikely situation when NDC wins power they will also feed them.

In my next episode, I will name and shame NPP appointees funding NDC communicators and anti Akufo Addo crusaders.

Arise AriseArise NPP Footsoldiers.

Arise To Save The Party

To be continued……

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Source: Anchorghana

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