Sack Ghana Gas CEO For Sabotage,Lying

There is agitation and tension brewing in the Ellembelle constituency, where members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) are demanding the immediate dismissal of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ghana National Gas Company Limited.

The aggrieved party members, who identified themselves as polling station executives, want President Nana Akufo-Addo to axe Dr. Ben Asante, for denying them employment opportunities in the company, which is located on their land at Atuabo in the Western Region.

At a demonstration on Sunday, October 30, at Atuabo to air their concerns, a member of the peeved group, Yannick Akrowie, accused the CEO of sidelining them when it comes to job recruitments.

They promised to agitate and demonstrate against his continuous stay in office until the President grants them their wish, accusing him of working against the fortunes of the NPP in the 2020 elections.

Yannick Akrowie accused the Ghana Gas boss of also peddling falsehood, calling his claim that some locals have been approved for industrial attachment as a “lie.”

“Schools are already opened for the 1st semester, so your claim that more have been approved and waiting to be called is another lie,” he said.

The demonstration, which was conducted as part of the climax of this year’s Kundum Festival, had the chiefs and people of the area also joining in the protest.

According to Mr. Akrowie, Dr. Asante does not respect the Ellembelle NPP Constituency Executives, rejecting a claim by the Ghana Gas CEO that some 47 tertiary students are doing their industrial attachment with the company.

The aggrieved party executives said, out of the 47, no indigene is engaged as part of the attachment programme, disclosing some 15 indigenes who were recommended for such purpose were flatly denied the opportunity.

“Everything you (Dr. Ben Asante) have written here is false, but I would want to tackle point two. In your point number 2, you claimed to have taken 47 students on industrial attachment this year. In this 47, Ellembelle had zero.

“You deliberately ignored the 15 people the Ellembelle Constituency Executives presented to you for a common industrial attachment,” he fired.

He added, “Total insult on the party in Ellembelle. You (Dr. Ben Asante) has no respect for the party. How on earth would you ignore the list of the very party executives who worked tirelessly so that the party retained power and secured you your job as a CEO?”

Yannick Akrowie emphasized that Dr. Asante does not deserve to continue to stay in office as the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company (GNPC) because he does not regard the party that birthed the government in which he is serving in.

“This is exactly why Ben Asante MUST GO. He has no respect for the party and the executives in Ellembelle and, therefore, would not do anything to help the moving forward of our cherished party in the constituency,” he said.

Other party members who spoke to the media joined the calls to oust the CEO, claiming that in the 2020 parliamentary elections, where the NPP failed to win the seat, Dr. Ben Asante gave money to some people in Ellembelle Constituency to campaign against their Parliamentary Candidate, Kwasi Bonzoh.

“Dr. Ben Asante does not deserve to be Ghana Gas Company CEO; he gave money to Stephen Donkor and Samuel Erzoah, who are workers at Ghana Gas Company, in 2020, to campaign against our Parliamentary Candidate, Kwasi Bonzoh, to lose; they preached skirt-and-blouse voting against our candidate,” they stated.

They emphasized that if Dr. Ben Asante continues in office as Ghana National Gas Company CEO, the NPP will lose the 2024 Parliamentary elections.

They further said, “President Akufo-Addo should listen to our call and sack Dr. Ben Asante, Stephen Donkor, and Samuel Erzoah from Ghana Gas Company, because if they continue to work there, they will get money to sponsor some NPP members to preach skirt-and-blouse voting against our 2024 Parliamentary Candidate as they did in 2020 against Kwasi Bonzoh.”

“Dr. Ben Asante is using his position to destroy Ellembelle NPP; he does not care to employ us, he is not supporting the Ellembelle NPP, and we will continue to protest until he is sacked; Ben Asante must go; we don’t need him at Ghana Gas Company,” they reiterated.

Meanwhile, two NPP members in the constituency have been arrested by the Ellembelle District Police Command over the demonstration.

Source: Anchorghana

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