New Mensah Sarbah Hall master pledges to resolve student clashes

The newly installed hall master of the Mensah Sarbah Hall of the University of Ghana, Dr. Roger Ayimbillah Atinga has pledged to resolve the impasse between students of Mensah Sarbah Hall and students of the Commonwealth Hall.

According to him, he will ensure that both halls work in collaboration for the common good of the school and students. He was speaking to Joy News on the sidelines of his installation as the Hall Master of Mensah Sarbah Hall.

Mensah Sarbah Hall which is the youngest of the five traditional halls of residence of the University of Ghana has the largest students’ residence.

Some students from the hall recently clashed with students from the Commonwealth Hall.

However, Dr. Atinga has assured measures would be put in place by management of the university to prevent a recurrence of the clash between the two halls.

“The ugly scenes of violence and violent attacks witnessed in recent times are still fresh in many minds. We as a hall support the measures that the university is putting in place to prevent their occurrences, However, we believe the implementation of these measures should not disadvantage innocent students who have a strong mental attachment to this university”, he said.

The hall master also urged students of the hall to strive to acquire knowledge and shun violent activities.

“We cannot build a strong university for you if you have  destructive mentality, anyone pursuing true knowledge should have conventional wisdom to honor and provide service to humanity and not engage in needless violence”, he added.

Dr. Roger Ayimbillah Atinga was installed as the 20th hall master of the Mensah Sarbah hall.

Source: Myjoyonline

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