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NEWMONT WORKER ESCAPES LYNCHING …Years After Gruesome Murder Of Major Mahama

A mechanical technician, with mining giant, Newmont Akyem, in the Eastern Region, was nearly lynched after he was allegedly taken for a kidnapper in a fabricated kidnap case.

Douglas Boakye Danquah was heavily attacked with clubs, broken bottles, stones and every available weapon, and sustained severe injuries on his head, back and other parts of his body.

The incident, The Anchor gathered, happened at Atobreso Number One, a village near Asuom in the Kwabibrim District in the Eastern Region on September 4,this year.

This was after rumours went round that, a car had kidnapped some children and was taking them away to unknown destination.

This paper was informed that, even though the village folk had identified Mr. Danquah, after he had introduced himself to the elders and leaders of the mob, they still didnot listen to spare him.

Videos of the despicable incident, sighted by The Anchor, showed the irate crowdpounced on the helpless man, pelted him with stones, sticks and anything theyfound as missiles to use against him.

Not even the presence of the police, who were called to the scene,could save him from the irate attackers, who lefthim badly injured andtraumatized.

The latest incidentbrings to mind the unfortunate lynching of the late Major Maxwell Mahama of the Ghana Armed Forces, who met his untimely death at Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region, under similar circumstance some years ago.

The young soldier whose demise shocked the entire nation and the world beyond was stationed as a member of the anti-galamsey taskforce to stop illegal mining activities, otherwise known as galamsey.

The late soldier, who was set ablaze after his gruesome killing with building blocks and clubs, is yet to find justice, as the accused persons are still standing trial nearly five years after his demise.

Mr.Boakye Danquah was subsequently treated at the New Abirem Government Hospital and later the Danpong Medical Centre in Accra.

Narrating his ordeal to The Anchor, Mr. Danquah, who is married with children, said, “I was nearly killed by the mob, but for God.”

According to him, he wasdriving at about 12pm on that fateful day to Asuom, where he had earlier visited, to have his other car tolled for repair in Kumasi.

However, he had left his medicated lenses after medical review in Accra. On his way, he met two New Abirem Senior High School (SHS) female students, one of whom he personally knew.

As a casual friend, he offered to give them a lift to go and find something to eat, after they claimed they were tired and hungry, having gone round looking for accommodation as day students.

Mr. Danquah narrated that, immediately they set off from Akyem Afosu, where he works, to the first town to Asuom, they saw a road block, and, sensing no danger, he drove towards the blockade.

Upon getting there, Mr. Danquah said, he was asked to stop because they have information that he had kidnapped some children and so they needed to search his car.

“After getting down, they opened my bonnet, booth and everywhere without finding the said kidnapped children,” he said.

He said that the group of men, who were armed with cutlasses, sticks, clubs, guns and other weapons, then suggested that he wait, because the one making the said allegation was on his way from a town nearby to the scene  so he can properly identify whether he is the one or not.

After some few minutes, he narrated, the said individual appeared suddenly, shouting, and claimed, “It was my car that kidnapped the children. At this time, no one had touched me with anything.”

Mr. Danquah said that they then asked about his relationship with the students, but after informing them he knew one by name Ama, but the other lady was a friend to the one he knew, they questioned the ladies as well, who said the same thing.

According to him, still not satisfied, the men then suggested that the three of them be taken to the home of a sub-chief.

At this juncture, the crowd suddenly created a story that the Newmont Akyem worker and his student friend,Ama, had conspired to kidnap her unnamed friend.

So, after they arrived at the sub-chief’s house and was hidden in one of the rooms, Mr. Danquah said, he managed to call his company, Newmont Akyem, and a radio station where he sponsors a show, to call in the police.

According to him, a fashion ring he was wearing, the townsfolk claimed, was for ritual purposes, popularly known as juju. He said it was not as though the people of Akyem Afosu didnot know him.

He narrated that, while in the room where he was being kept, a couple of his accusers came peeping through a window, and warnedhim they would deal with him,even though they knew him.

All these while, the victim said, he had long identified himself and even told them where he works as a staff of Newmont.

But after some minutes, three police officers, including a driver, came to the scene.

All this while, a local information centre at Akyem Afosu and a local radio station by name Anase FM, had announced his arrest and almost everyone in the town, as well as adjoining communities, had massed up in front of the chief’s house,agitated, waiting to pounce on him with various weapons.

He indicated that, the information centre especially had asked the people to come to the scene to attack him.

But,unfortunately, when the police arrived and tried to whisk him away, while in handcuffs,including the female students, the mob still managed to assault the victim, leaving the police officers helpless, as the struggle with the mob to whisk the victims away.

“In the hands of the police, while being moved from the chief’s house to the police vehicle, they started pelting me while in handcuffs. In fact, they wanted to pluck out my eyes.

At the New Abirimpolice station, their statements were taken and were asked to go and seek medical care.

Even though some of his attackers are clearly seen in the videos, the police say they are yet to make any arrest.

Meanwhile, the traumatized Newmont staff says no child has gone missing since the incident.

The bizarre incident came as a shock to Mr. Danquah, as he wondered what he would be kidnapping children for?

“I am completely shocked. What will I be kidnapping children for? I am content with the work and my pay so what else do I need?” he said.

Interestingly, he has since the incident also not seen either of the two students again. He told The Anchor, he is looking for a human rights lawyer to seek justice in the law court.

Source: Anchorghana

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