‘Smugglers Paradise’: JoyNews investigations expose customs officers aiding smugglers at borders

JoyNews Investigations is coming with yet another riveting exposé on how some senior customs officials connive with smugglers to transport thousands of gallons of vegetable cooking oil from Togo and Cote d’Ivoire.

These commodities are dumped across markets in Tamale and Sampa in the Northern and Bono regions, respectively.

It is a billion-dollar smuggling business involving a cartel with mastery in bribery and customs officials who are influenced and are deeply complacent.

It is estimated the state is losing ¢300 million in taxes every year if the smugglers bring in 5,000 metric tonnes of cooking oil.

‘Smugglers Paradise’ will name the customs officials involved, unveil the smugglers, dealers and the dangerous unapproved routes they use.

Source: Kwetey Nartey

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