Residents On High Alert Over Planned Gays’ Party At Mamprobi

Residents of Chorkor, Mamprobi and its surrounding environs in Accra, are said to be on high alert, following reports of a massive party to be organized by some suspected members of gay community in the area.

According to information, the planned get-together, was scheduled to take place at a popular local pub called ‘Classic Pub’ in the community, close to Galilee Methodist Church at Chorkor.

Sources indicate, the dusk to dawn gay party, is exclusively for persons of their ‘kind’ and slated for Sunday 7, through to Monday July 8, 2024, starting from 7pm.

The issue, which is causing outrage among a section of the residents who are against the practice of same-sex are on high alert with a plot by some youth to storm the pub and disrupt the event.

A popular social media activist, Prissy Akua Adiepena Hemans, who first leaked the information on her page, drew the attention of Ghana Police Service to the development.

“Dear Ghana Police Service there is gonna be a gay party at “classic pub” close to the Galilee Methodist church chorkor, Galilee junction on 7th & 8th July from 7pm till Mama calls. Good night,” she wrote.

The post which attracted significant reactions and comments from many followers, has sparked outrage from certain individuals suspected to be promoters and activists of homosexuality and gay sex.

As at the time of going to press yesterday, it is unclear, if the party had taken place or moved to a new location.
This comes at a time, sections of Ghanaians are still debating on whether or not to decriminalize homosexuality in the country.

Recall that sometime March 4, last year, armed military men stormed and disrupted a birthday party at James-Town, a suburb of Accra organized by two young men, claiming to be members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer community.

The alleged invasion of the soldiers, according to eyewitnesses, led to some guests being injured.

Hajia Akita, a gay man from Jamestown, was said to have organized the party.

According to eyewitnesses, the party drew people claiming to be gay from various communities to the party grounds.

According to eyewitnesses, although it was a party, it was on the verge of being turned into full-blown wedding ceremony, but for the intervention of the security personnel.

The incident was described as unfortunate and unbelievable by some of the invitees.


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