Adaklu District Court Left To Rot In Bush

…Months After Completion; As Judge, Staff Struggle For Washroom

A newly built District Court at Adaklu Waya, the capital of Adaklu District in the Volta Region, has been left to rot in the bush, several months after the structure was completed.

This development, has left workers of the court, including the judge struggling for a place of convenience, while at work.

The Anchor is informed that, the current dilapidated structure being used by the court together with the Ghana Education Service (GES), does not have washrooms, a situation that creates inconvenience not only for the judge, but also female officers of the court and clients.

The issue is said to be affecting justice delivery, with those who patronize the court, raising concerns that the existing Adaklu courthouse, does not meet the standard of edifices fit for the administration of justice.

Weeds & Reptiles

The new facility, which remains locked, despite concerns for it to be opened, has left weeds and reptiles virtually taken over both the compound and surroundings, with some parts of the building getting damaged already.

The Anchor observed during a visit that, the shed constructed for the judge’s car park, had broken and fallen apart, with some metal surfaces of the structure rusting away, while portions of the ceiling are being ripped off.

It is, however, unclear what is causing the delay to get the edifice commissioned, as nobody was willing to speak to the paper on record during its visit.

Insiders told The Anchor that, the Common Fund Administrator, as well as the Estate Unit of the Judicial Service are those in-charge of the project, but they cannot explain why the facility has not been commissioned to ease the burden on the existing structure.

Interestingly, the abandoned building has all the necessary facilities, including a bungalow to accommodate the judge and stop him or her from traveling from far distance daily for work.

The concerns of many are that, further delay in handing over the facility for use, could lead some unscrupulous elements to start stealing some items and materials or even turn the place into a place of convenience and grazing ground for stray animals, even though the location of the building is not far from the district police station.

For many, the law court, represents a significant step forward in ensuring that every individual regardless of his/her location or circumstance, has access to a fair and just legal system.

Meanwhile, this paper has gathered that, the issue of accommodation is a major challenge for workers of the Adaklu District Assembly, particularly those who are not indigenes from the area.

According to information, the unavailability of decent accommodation, has forced some staff to travel from Ho, the regional capital to work.

The Anchor is informed that, even though the Adaklu district, is not a relatively new, the area has been grappling with many developmental challenges and highly deficit in terms of infrastructure.

The district, which has one of the famous tourist sites, can also boast of having the largest cattle market in the Volta region, where customers from afar come to buy these livestock.

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