Businessman’s Shop Burnt, For Allegedly Selling Beads To Gays

Details of harrowing experiences and threats against suspected gays and lesbians in some communities in Accra are emerging, barely two weeks after Ghana’s parliament passed the controversial anti-gay bill.

The Anchor is informed of how a businessman in Maamobi, a suburb of Accra, has had his shop burnt down by some irate youth, after he was accused of selling beads and certain items to gays and lesbians in the community.

The unfortunate incident, happened in March 2023, following an exercise by some leaders of the community, as the victim identified as Inusah Nuhu is currently on the run for his life.

This revelation came to light when The Anchor took to some streets of Maamobi, Nima and its environs to elicit views of some Ghanaians about the passage of the anti-gay bill, while Ghanaians wait on President Akufo-Addo to assent to the bill.

Residents of these Muslims dominated communities, told this paper they are excited about the bill, because it has given them the backing to go after the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community.

For instance, Justice Abdulai, an Islamic scholar and businessman, said the anti-gay bill is an excellent piece of law.

He confirmed that in March 2023, community leaders undertook an exercise to burn down shops owned by known gays and lesbians in the community, including one allegedly owned by Inusah Nuhu, a businessman.

Abdulai, said Nuhu was warned to stop selling beads to gays and lesbians, but he never obliged.

The Islamic scholar told the newspaper, the incident led to some opinion leaders banishing the said Mr Nuhu and all those promoting the activities of the LGBTQ in the community.

Justice Abdulai, served notice that, the community would deal with any person or group of persons, who support the activities of the LGBTQ in Maamobi and its surrounding communities.

At Nima, a stone’s throw from Maamobi, the story is not different as residents welcomed the passage of the bill with joy.

Imam Yussif Khalifa, who could not hide his joy over the passage of the bill told The Anchor, “men dating men and girls doing their own thing” was abominable and sinful in the sight of Allah (God).

According to him, the LGBTQ members, were undeserving of any sympathy and protection under the law, because of their waywardness.

But speaking on condition of anonymity, two young lesbian ladies, expressed disappointment in Imam Khalifa’s mischaracterization of the LGBTQ, having listened to his interview.

They stated that, the passage of the bill, which many have criticized as too harsh and if assented to, will take away the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQ members and activists.

42-year-old man banished

This development is coming at a time a 42-year-old man, was banished from the community over his alleged LGBTQ status.

Sadat Asif, a resident of Effiduase in the Ashanti region, was said to have been ostracized by a local Imam in the community, due to his alleged involvement in the LGBTQ activities and has been discovered as a bisexual.

Asif, was said to have been summoned before Imam Saeed Abdul Nasir on November 2, 2022, following suspicion of his LGBTQ status.

Residents told The Anchor, Asif was nearly lynched some time back by some teeming Muslim youth in the community, after they found out Asif is bisexual.

Imam Admits 

When contacted, Imam Abdul Nasir, justified the decision to expel Asif from the community.

“Asif is a disgrace to our community, Islam and his family. In the time of Prophet Lut, Allah (God) brought curse upon the people and destroyed the entire nation. We want to stand on the side of history; the world must bear testimony that we expressed angst and disquiet against social disorder and sacrilege,” he stated.

According to Imam Abdul Nasir, “Allah will punish all of us if we fail to stand up to the nonsense of these LGBTQ under the guise of civilization”.

A family source, who pleaded anonymity, also confirmed and corroborated the story to The Anchor in an interview on Monday.

Until the event of November 22, the source said, the family was not aware that their son, had both male and female sex partners.

The victim, who is currently at a hideout for fear of his life, has had his room broken into by the rowdy youth.

Some names such as Awudu, Mustapha and Baba, were given as the alleged suspects who broke into Asif’s room in his absence.

He said in the past, people who openly declare themselves as LGBTQ, suffered stiffer punishments.

Insiders told The Anchor, the activities of LGBQT were hated in the community, as they go contrary to the teachings of the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad [SAW].

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