Alhaji Sinare Promises Classroom Block, Borehole

…For Deprived Wuxor, Sremanu Residents

The former High Commissioner to Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Alhaji Said Sinare, has promised to support the education sector of residents within Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu electoral area in the Akatsi South Municipality with the construction of a three-unit classroom block to eliminate schools under trees in the deprived area.

The National Democratic Congress(NDC) stalwart who made the pledge at Sremanu during a visit to the community on Saturday, February 3, 2024, noted that he has a very good relationship with the Ewes and would do everything possible within his power to get the community a three-unit classroom for students to stop studying under trees.

He added that, he will give the community a borehole, so they can also stop sharing water with animals as their Assembly member came with a placard, indicating the water and road challenges the area is facing.

The community leader, representing the collective voice of the people, has pledged their unwavering support for the NDC by assuring a 100percent of their votes on December 7, 2024.

According to the traditional leader, their commitment is underscored by the influence and integrity of Alhaji Said Sinare, who stands as a beacon of hope for the community.

As a result of his exceptional dedication to advancing the development of the community over the years, H.E. Alhaji Said Sinare, was presented with a citation by the chiefs, elders, and residents of Sremanu.

He also noted that the NDC, as a political party, is committed to giving the Volta region massive infrastructural development in their next government.

Alhaji Sinare, who graced the 2024 Ative festival in the Akatsi South, was given a king’s welcome.


In his speech at the Tsive Denyaza 2024 event, Ambassador Alhaji Said Sinare expressed his excitement about the extension of portable drinking water from Mafi-Adzorkpo to Tsive.

However, he criticized the Nana Addo-Bawumia-led NPP administration for failing to deliver on their promises to Ghanaians.

Alhaji Sinare, highlighted the achievements of previous NDC administrations, including increased electricity connectivity and relief brought to communities through infrastructure projects.

He also criticized the current government for their failure to fulfill promises such as $1 million per constituency and 1 district, 1 factory, 1 village, and 1 dam.

Alhaji Sinare, expressed concern about the severe economic hardship faced by Ghanaians due to corruption, multiple taxes, and increase in the public debt.

He urged voters to elect former President John Dramani Mahama, describing him as a leader, who cares and creates opportunities for all Ghanaians.

Alhaji Sinare praised Mr Mahama as a nation-builder and experienced leader, who can restore lost hopes in Ghana.

He emphasized that the future of the youth of Ghana, is now and urged voters to elect a leader who is ready to make Ghana work again.

He called on Ghanaians to work extra hard in their communities, towns, and villages to bring Mr Mahama back to power in December 2025.

Speaking at the event, the former National Vice chairman, presented GH₵15,000cash on behalf of former president Mahama to support the



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