Noise Pollution At Labone: 355 Lounge Stands Accused

The otherwise plush residential area, Labone, in Accra, which is the taste of the super class, is fast losing its serenity and ambience, as the residents are battling with noise from the numerous pubs, restaurants and lounges that have engulfed the area in recent times.

Noise pollution at Labone has reached alarming levels that the residents are helpless, as the authorities are unable to control the ugly situation.

One of the operators of the numerous lounges, restaurants and pubs, 355 Lounge, located at Orphan Crescent, Labone, stands accused of excessive noise that is creating huge problems for the residents.

Surprisingly, the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA), as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), appears too weak to ensure that 355 Lounge stops the nuisance that is affecting other persons in the area, although there have been several complaints to the two outfits.

There are documents from the LaDMA that point to the fact that the 355 Lounge operators were not doing things right and have flouted the byelaws of the assembly with impunity.

LaDMA conducted noise audit and came to the conclusion that noise from 355 Lounge was high and was indeed disturbing residents close to the lounge.

Per the documentation, the decibels recorded by the audit team, led by Mr. Evans Tordzro, indicate the noise from the lounge between 12am and 2am was high.

The noise audit team from LaDMA observed that 355 Lounge operates a lounge that qualifies for a night with loud music.

The assembly recommended that activities relating to the operation of the lounge should cease with immediate effect until further notice.

It was also recommended the LaDMA should organize stakeholder engagement with the residents in the area, especially the adjoining houses.

LaDMA was to determine if the 355 building was suitable for the intended purposes of a night club or lounge, and that if the assembly permits 355 to be used for the purpose intended, there should be proper sound proofing, such as the use of acoustic materials to contain noise within the lounge.

The entry points and exits to the lounge are fitted with double sound-proof doors to prevent escape of noise from the main chamber.

It was also recommended all appropriate permits, such as the EPA, Tourism, Suitability and Building permits, should be obtained to ensure safe operations of the lounge or night club.

The noise audit was conducted by the LaDMA on September 29, 30 and October 1, 2023, and because the assembly has not ensured that things are done right by 355 Lounge, the noise pollution is getting worse.

It is equally important to note that the 355 Lounge was summoned to the La Magistrate Court on September 29, 2023 to appear before the court on November 7, 2023 to answer questions relating to excessive noise-making and failure to obtain a building permit.

It is not clear whether or not 355 Lounge has obtained a building permit from LaDMA.

As for the noise pollution, nothing has been done about it and the residents are worried over the whole situation.

The EPA has also been alerted of what 355 Lounge was doing to the residents in the area that it is operating, but that outfit has done nothing about the situation.

Efforts to talk to LaDMA, EPA and 355 Lounge proved futile.

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