Grave Looters Invade Takoradi Cemetery

…Over 100 Tombs Destroyed, Bodies, Caskets Missing

Grave looters in the Western Region are said to have invaded the Takoradi cemetery, tampering with several graves, absconding with body parts, caskets and valuables buried with the dead.

Reports indicate over 100 graves were looted, with residents linking the incident to “Sakawa” operators, mainly for ritual purposes.

Authorities say, the cemetery has been full and was closed down some four years ago.

But it appears there is no maintenance at the facility, leaving weeds taking over the place, with no security in charge.

A visit by Takoradi based Connect FM news team revealed that there more than 100 graves have been looted with remains of the dead nowhere to be found.

On the part of the Environmental Health Director of the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), Abdul Karim Hudu, their checks have revealed over 30 graves have been tampered with.

“The cemetery is currently full, we have since asked residents not to bury dead bodies there again. Since there are no activities there, weeds have taken over the place and we do not have security at the cemetery. I went there with my team to ascertain the extent of looting and it was bad. We counted over 30 graves that have been looted and we still don’t know the people behind the act,” he told Takoradi based Connect FM,” he told the radio station.

Mr. Hudu further indicated that the assembly has taken measures to stop the criminals from further causing harm at the cemetery.

“We have contracted prisoners to weed the cemetery and we shall also hire the services of a security company to guard the place. We have also made arrangements to collect maintenance fees from families who have relatives buried at the cemetery. We still have the Sekondi public cemetery for people to bury their deceased relatives,” he said.

In 2019, the late mayor of the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis, Anthony K.K Sam, closed the Takoradi cemetery after it reached its full capacity.

A wide stretch of land surrounding the Ketan Road cemetery has been dedicated for families to bury their relatives.

Meanwhile, in May, this year, some four young men were apprehended for reportedly looting a cemetery belonging to the Catholic Church in the Bono Region.

The incident was linked to a possible money ritual.

Assemblywoman for the area, Ataa Adwoa, told Rainbow Radio that she received distressed call over the matter.

She said the young men were apprehended, while plundering the graves.

Atta Adwoa claimed some young people holding clubs and other weapons arrived at the scene and attacked the looters.

She stated that these acts have occurred on multiple occasions and have become a source of concern.

The assemblywoman also claimed that traditional authorities in the region performed rituals to avert any type of calamity in the community.

The suspects were fined GH₵2,000, two sheep and schnapps.


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