W/R Companies Failing To Support Medeama

…Despite Making History; Tarkwa MP Begs Ghana Gas, Goldfields Others 

The management of Tarkwa-based Medeama Sporting Club and the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Mr. George Mireku Duker, have jointly called on companies in the Western Region, stakeholders and corporate bodies in Ghana to come onboard and support the club, as they seek to make history in the CAF championship tournament.

They stated that, despite the progress being made by the team and raising the flag and image of Ghana high on the African continent, sponsorship support for the club from corporate Ghana, particularly firms operating in the Western Region, has been poor.

According to the club, companies in the region, such as Ghana Gas, Goldfields and AngloGold, should see it as part of their corporate social responsibility to carry the club along and hold its hands by financing them in order to make Ghana proud.

Addressing a news conference in Accra yesterday, both the MP and the management bemoaned the low support for the team, unlike other participating clubs from neighboring countries, who enjoy full support and sponsorship from the political actors, as well as their governments.

“Our experience also taught us that, the teams that participated in the CAF club competition are supported by their government, especially clubs from North Africa, Central and East Africa, including our team; we just eliminated, AC Horoya, who were also sponsored by their government.

“We plead that the government of Ghana and corporate Ghana should come to our aide, as we planned to take Africa by storm to restore the image of Ghana club football on the African continent,” they pleaded.

MP Speaks

On his part, the Tarkwa MP, who doubles as a Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, said, “Ghana has to come together and realise that it’s time for us to be honoured on this continent. We have the talent, we have the pedigree to be where we are expected and I am urging supporters of this country, actors of football in this country, government to come together and support Medeama SC.”

Citing the last match played in Conakry, as an example, he said, The national commitment, you could see lots of ministers who were on the field, the political actors were on the field giving support to AC Horoya, so why can’t we do same in Ghana to push our team forward to a level that we’ve not been able to since 11years? It’s been more than a decade that Ghana has got to this level and it’s a herculean achievement, something commendable.”

According to him, “We have with or without to get to where Ghanaians expect us to be. We are not only going to participate in the CAF Championship, we are going to make history.”

Appeal to Companies

“I’m urging other companies who are also in the region, Ghana Gas, Goldfields, Anglogold – [supported us which the President has asked me to thank them]. However, we need more and also ask Goldfields to rescind their decision on the letter they wrote to us indicating that they are unable to sponsor Medeama,” the MP said, adding “that is very unfortunate.”

He indicated that, “As part of their corporate social responsibility, we expect them to carry Medeama along and hold our hands to make Ghana proud. I believe that letter shouldn’t have been written at all, because Goldfields has supported Tarkwa and its environs and as a member of parliament making sure that I lobby, facilitate, organize and get 10,000-seater capacity stadium that is about 90% complete is commendable and I don’t see why they shouldn’t take some of the responsibilities of Medeama Sporting Club, but rather write that we cannot sponsor you.”

Mr. Duker said, “It really demoralizes the top echelons of the team, but they have to take it into their flesh. So, I am asking them to rescind their decision immediately. We will talk to the topnotch in South Africa to see the need to partner with Medeama to make the people of Tarkwa-Nsuaem proud.”

$300,000 spent

Meanwhile, the club’s president has said the cost involved in playing a match is very high, as the team spent about $300,000 in the last two games alone, hence the need for more financial support from corporate Ghana.

He said, “As we will play against the giants in African Club football in the group stage. As a result, we will need most and all forms of support to make our championship journey successful.”

According to him, “We do not want to be a mere participant in this competition, hence our call this morning for the government and corporate Ghana to come to our aid. Our experience in the CAF Cup competition has taught us that you need not less than $150,000 to play in a game, depending on where you are traveling to. For example, the two games we played before qualification caused us $300,000 and this is the reality on the grounds playing for Africa.”




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