Journalists To Stage Demo

…Over Terrible Mallam-Kasoa Highway

The terrible state of the Mallam-Kasoa highway has for the first time triggered some journalists, living in and around the communities, to stage a massive demonstration in the area for immediate action.

The Anchor is informed the protest march, with the hashtag #FixTheKasoaRoad, which is already gathering momentum, is meant to draw the attention of authorities, including Roads and Highways Minister, Kwasi Amoako Atta, and his men to, among others, demand an immediate action on that section of the busy highway, to ease the frustration of commuters, as well as the motorists.

The journalists, who operate from different media outlets in the capital insist, they will not relent on their plans, as the situation has worsened their plight especially at this raining season.

Though no date has been fixed yet, members of the inky fraternity residing in areas, such as Weija, Bortianor, West Hills area, Tuuba, Amanfrom and Broadcasting Osiadan, say their campaign, which had already begun, would yield a positive result.

As at last Sunday, silt and muddy pools of water covered most parts of the road, which is not far from the Kasoa tollbooth, making it extremely difficult for drivers on the stretch.

This resulted in a gridlock, which forced some motorists to drive on the opposite side of the dual carriageway leading to Kasoa.

The situation, however, presented an opportunity for some unemployed youth to desilt the road for money from drivers and other commuters, without any attempt by the authorities to temporarily salvage the problem with earth moving machines.

The Anchor also observed, the situation around Old Barrier at the Atala section of the highway in the Ga South municipality has caused frequent traffic gridlocks, significantly extending commuting times during rush hours.

In what looks like a very unusual action, the concerned journalists believe it is time they led such protests, instead of waiting for others to initiate them so they cover with their cameras and recorders.

Some of the journalists, mostly from the Class Media Group, are leading the campaign, circulating flyers to garner support for the upcoming demonstration.

They have initiated a hashtag #FixTheKasoaRoad to prepare the minds of all who want to join them in the much-anticipated demonstration.

Many of these journalists believe it is crucial for the authorities, especially the Ghana Highways Authority, to address the issues as soon as possible.

Preparations are underway to set a date for the large-scale demonstration to draw attention to the challenges faced by commuters along this stretch of road.

They are also calling on residents to join the forthcoming demonstration #FixTheKasoaRoad protest.

Kumasi-based Angel FM’s morning show host, Kwame Tanko, speaking on the Ghana Yensom morning show hosted by Odehyeeba Kofi Essuman on Accra 100.5 FM on Wednesday September 13, 2023, shared his frustrating experience with the situation during rainy weather on Tuesday September 12, 2023.

He emphasized the urgency of addressing the problem, calling on authorities to take action.

The #FixKasoaroad demonstration is intended to raise awareness of the road’s condition and prompt necessary repairs.

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