MASLOC Closes Bawku Office …Over Security Concerns

By Gifty Arthur

The Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) has temporarily shut down its Bawku office in the Upper East Region, as a preemptive measure to forestall any eventuality that may arise as a result of the unending conflict in that part of the country.

The institution noted that, its Bawku Zonal office, for now, has been relocated to the regional capital, Bolgatanga, until such a time when they can guarantee the safety of their staffs.

In a release dated, August 17, 2023,copied The Anchor, the MASLOC categorically stated the claim that the shutdown of the office was meant to deny the people access to its services was completely false.

It said, there is absolutely no truth in the rumour, except the unrest in the area, which has been on-going for some time now.

“The attention of the Micro Finance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) has been drawn to some publications and misinformation in circulation on various social media platforms and websites suggesting the temporary closure of the MASLOC Bawku district office as a deliberate attempt to deny the good people of Bawku access to its services,” the release said.

Signed by the Head of Business Development and Corporate Affairs, Eleanor J.A.Y. Tettey, the press release said, “The institution wishes to state that the issues being circulated contain some inaccuracies and do not represent the full facts.”

It noted that, “The institution would like to inform the general public and its stakeholders that the primary reason for its decision to temporally close its zonal office in Bawku was due to the insecurities at Bawku which made the office non-functional.”

According to MASLOC, the closure of its office is not the first by any institution in that area.

It cited other state institutions such as the judiciary, banks and several others that have relocated to different towns due to the same safety reason.

The release said some of these institutions have opted to other areas in the region, including the Regional Coordinating Council.

“Other governmental and business entities operating in the busy commercial town, such as the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB), the Agricultural Development Bank (ADB), ABSA bank, Social Security And National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) and Judicial Service, have been compelled to relocate to other parts of the Upper East Region and some to the offices of the Regional Coordinating Council in order to protect the lives of their employees and guarantee residents of Bawku are not put at risk in accessing their services

Following this concern, it was decided to transfer the staff to our regional office in Bolgatanga so they could continue working while Management considered a long-term intervention to ensure the staff could return to their jobs without fear of harm, it said.


The MASLOC, currently headed by Abibata Shanni Mahama Zakariah, said it is committed to ensuring that it staffs are well protected wherever they are found across the country.

“Considering the role MASLOC plays in supporting the vulnerable in the society, especially with women and the youth, through the provision of micro loans. MASLOC is committed in ensuring that its employees across the 16 regions of the country work under the safest conditions and do not suffer any harm that will jeopardize their future.

“The public is assured that in the spirit of transparency, fairness and accountability, MASLOC will continue to work to ensure it delivers on its mandate to the good people of Ghana,” it said.

Bawku and its environs have for some time now been experiencing unrest, which has resulted in needless shootings and deaths involving both civilians and security men.

Last week, for instance, a video emerged of sporadic shootings by unknown gunmen. Residents, including children who had closed from school, were seen running to their homes for safety.


Below Is Published the Press Release By MASLOC:

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