I Will Expose You All

If You Like, Say Fi Fi…

….Failed NDC MP Aspirant Dares; Chases Executives For Campaign Cash

A failed parliamentary aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC),in the Anya-Sowutuom constituency in the Greater Accra Region, has gone berserk, threatening to expose everyone of those, who took money from her before and during the party’s just-ended primaries held in May, this year.

Without mincing words, Janet Keturah Ashong, in multiple audio recordings released on Monday, June 20, 2023, threatened that she will go to every length to expose her constituency party officers, especially the chairman, who deceitfully took money from her, under the pretence of facilitating her victory, which never happened.

“The money the constituency chairman took, the arrangement we had, the meeting we had, I will expose you people. If you like say fi fi, say fi fi. I thought you people will shut up your mouths. Sit down quietly if not and you say fi fi, I will expose you all. I will post you on Facebook, I will post you on Instagram, I will post all of you,” she said.

In the audio recordings, which are in the possession of The Anchor, an unhappy Janet Keturah served notice, she will not rest until she exposes everyone that has squandered her money.

“Me, Keturah, I won’t let you have peace, if you won’t come out to speak the truth and say sorry, I will not let you have peace. If you like do what pleases you, anywhere you go to organize campaign for the candidate, I will go there and expose you.

“I have all of you, your pictures, I have all your pictures, I will post you and write everything under it. I will expose you all the money you took, the money the chairman took, I will post everything say, I will post all of you your pictures. Say fi fi,” she dared.

This was after displeased Janet Keturah, in an earlier phone interview with The Anchor, said she was going to the dreaded thunder deity at Nogokpo in the Volta Region to seek justice, if those who took her money did not return it.

The party officers, including the constituency chairman, Kwesi Arhin, and some coordinators, are accused of taking various sums of money from her, but failed to do her bidding in that ensuing primary, as one Emmanuel Adotey Allotey instead emerged the winner.

According to Keturah, some of the various sums of money collected from her were ostensibly to be paid to the Electoral Commission (EC) and the police, but it appears they never got to those they were intended for.

“It is because of your pastor I don’t want to mind you. If you misbehave, I will expose you on Facebook. The money you took that you are going to give to the EC, the money you took and said you are going to the police, I will expose you on Facebook and write everything.

The money the constituency chairman took, the arrangement we had, the meeting we had, I will expose you people there,” she said in her native Ga dialect, laced with Twi and English.

She is alleged to have given Chairman Arhin GH₵20, 000 on the day of the election.

But in the audio recording, shared on the Anya-Sowutuom constituency WhatsApp platforms, Keturah is heard daring everyone who cares to listen, to come out and confess that they took the money, else they will be exposed.

The peeved aspirant, who has threatened to also contest as an independent candidate in the 2024 parliamentary election, said she cannot be tamed by anyone, as far as the constituency is concerned.

She served notice that efforts by some individuals to block her from the various social media platforms, where she has been venting her anger, will also not work, because she is resolute and will use other channels to expose these officers.

She said even as some scheme to block her and her supporters on NDC Whatsapp platforms, she will use traditional media, like Osu-based TV XYZ, to speak her truth and expose these party executives.

“You are funny, you can go to TV XYZ. I have gone to wherever I want to go and you people will see. You can go anywhere, you can block all social media.

I will go to TV XYZ, I will go to Ohene Nana platform, I will go to all radio stations, I will go to all TV stations, to expose all of you, if you like block us. If that is the reason why you called for the meeting, I am ever ready to fight. Until you people come out to admit the truth you will have no peace,” she said.

The constituency chairman, Kwesi Arhin, has since reached out to The Anchor, requesting a meeting for his side of the story. This was after earlier attempts by the paper to reach him went unsuccessful.

Madam Janet Keturah Ashong has been in the news recently, after she threatened to consult the dreaded Nogokpo shrine for money paid to these executives of the party in the constituency to facilitate her victory at the poll.

In her interview with this paper on May 28, 2023, Keturah confirmed she was on her way to the shrine, warning “I will not forgive him.”

According to her, her case was not the first against the constituency chairman. She alleged that Mr. Arhin is known for taking money from aspirants and claimed the chairman has been selling the votes to the highest bidder.

The failed parliamentary contender said Mr. Arhin had assured her he was an honest man and so “he will do as promised.”

“I know what they have been doing. I told him that I don’t want him to do that thing to me. He has been selling our votes and he promised not to do that to me and that is why I gave him money because I know what they have been doing.

I have been hearing from people, people have been going to Oheneba [Power FM presenter].So I told him that, chairman, make sure you don’t do that thing to me. Then he said, oh oh Keturah, trust me, trust me I am a good person, don’t listen to them, they just want to sabotage me. I said okay,” she said on phone.

Continuing, she said, “Not knowing, our constituency chairman has gone for air-conditioned car with money from one aspirant, so he was personally going around telling the coordinators to channel their votes to that aspirant. So, they asked him why. See the way Keturah is working, this girl can help us. Let’s go for her.

“No, no, vote for Babangida, but God being so good, at the end he thought Babangida is going to win the election, but he didn’t win. He but split his vote and so another person won.

“Even to the extent that at a point I didn’t want to do it, because those expenses were not budgeted for but because I didn’t want him to play his dirty game because people have been saying it but I had not seen it so I had it in mind and didn’t want to suffer that injustice so anything he told me I did.

“Then few hours to the election you telling people that they should not vote for me. I am traveling to Nogokpo. I am serious, I am not joking. I won’t lie to you,” she narrated.

Recall that in the Anya-Sowutuom constituency NDC parliamentary primaries, Janet, who came third, secured some 111 votes, while the winner, Adotey Allotey, garnered some 191 votes.

The second position went to one Ibrahim Babangida Amadu, who secured 140 votes, while one Hajia Mariama Zakari secured 66 votes.


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