Speeding Vehicle Kills KATH Midwife

…At ‘Abandoned’ Sofoline Interchange

There is expression of shock and anger by families and friends of one Francisca Abena Asare, a midwife at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), who met her untimely death days ago in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital.

The 32-year-old mother of one was knocked down by a speeding vehicle at the abandoned Sofoline Interchange in the Ashanti Region, The Anchor gathered.

Madam Abena Asare, alias Aso, known on social media as Cister Abyna Piesie, was knocked down on Sunday evening, June 11, 2023 by a four-wheel drive vehicle with registration number GT- 3593-14.

Eyewitnesses say, the bubbly health professional was crossing the Sofoline Interchange, which, The Anchor is informed, has no functioning traffic lights, speed ramps or a flyover, from her family house to her house at Kwadaso when she was hit by the speeding vehicle and killing her instantly.

Other eyewitness accounts have it that, the driver of the accident vehicle, said to be a mechanic, is not even the owner.

According to those familiar with the incident, the owner had sent the vehicle to the mechanic’s shop for repairs, but he decided to drive it for unknown purpose.

One John Duruyer Boateng, who disclosed this, said, “The owner of the car is my customer ooo. He sent the car to the fitting shop to be repaired. The driver who killed the girl is not the owner of the car but a fitter.”

The mechanic, whose name is not readily available, after committing the offence, rushed Aso to KATH, where she works, for a quick medical attention, but she was pronounced dead at the emergency ward.

Aso’s younger brother, who spoke to the media, debunked earlier claims that the driver absconded when the accident happened.

The student nurse said aside from the mechanic driving his elder sister to the hospital, he waited at the hospital until Aso was pronounced dead, and then he was handcuffed by the police to the Sofoline Police Station for investigation.

Aso, this paper gathered, lives at Kwadaso, but came to the Sofoline area for a family meeting with her siblings.

According to her brother, Nana Agyei, after the meeting at their grandmother’s house, they had wanted to eat together, but she rejected the food, with the excuse that she wants to go home at Kwadaso to eat and so asked permission to leave as she was hungry.

It was after she requested to go home that she met her death, while crossing the interchange.

“Sunday evening, I came from church but we all met here. I had returned from school but hadn’t seen her so we all met. My siblings three of us all were together having a conversation. I said I was hungry so there was some leftover rice which I ate.

She also said she was hungry but rejected the soup that was made, saying she has some in her fridge at home so she wants to hurriedly go home and heat it and eat,” Nana Agyei told the press.

He continued, “My mother even asked her to wait so we go and see our sister off before going to see her off. But Aso said she was in a hurry so we allowed her to go because we thought she could go by herself. Then we went to see my other sister who comes before me. While on our way to the house with my mother, we were informed by my uncle about what had happened.

We then rushed to Komfo Anokye. When we arrived, we heard someone saying there’s a nurse that works here that has died. There, my heart missed a beat. I went down, rushed to the emergency ward then those there asked if ‘Aso’ was my sister, then they said she is the one lying there I should remove the cloth and look at her. I could not do as I was told. We have heard about the driver, he’s with the Sofoline police. At the spot, I was stunned but it has already happened. Let’s give thanks to God and protect what is left.”

Many friends who are still stunned by the accident have blamed the situation on the abandoned interchange.

They argued the interchange has become a death trap, leading to the knocking down of pedestrians and unnecessary accidents almost every time.

Many of them who rushed to the deceased woman’s social media page on Facebook expressed shock about her demise and cited the absence of ramps, malfunctioning traffic lights and others as the cause.

While many gave their own experience of the uncompleted interchange, others called on government to hasten the work on the project, which some say has stalled.

According to some of the commentators, there is an underground path, but many have refused to use it because of fear of kidnappings and killings.

Read below some of the comments captured by The Anchor…..

Millicent Korkor: It has a beautiful underground path for pedestrian but only a few people use it because a lot of people are scared to pass via that path because of the fear of being kidnapped and killed by wicked people.

Belinda Hanson: The government has to construct foot bridge at sofoline, the road is too wide. That underground thing is not helping, we need a bridge. Oh very unfortunate. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Traffic light not working.

Janet Adoma: Hmm. I was nearly knocked by a car there oo. I can’t even explain how I was taken from the middle of the road to the pavement. I was a month pregnant. Hearing this I say thank you my lord Jesus. I’m not perfect than her.

Serious De Boss Kassim: Sofoline road dangerous. Many lives taken there. Rip for her.

Enyonam Cynthia: Aah! That Sofoline road needs traffic light seriously I am always in fear whenever I cross that road because the speed is serious.

Nana Afia Afiriyie Siaw: Such a dangerous Sofoline road with no traffic lights oh my country till when?

Favour Yaa Bohye: In fact, we need footbridge at Sofoline. The drivers over there drive recklessly. Is not easy to cross that road. Hmmm a driver will ask you to cross and another driver will do overtaking.

Appiah Kunta Burner: so now dat a soul is gone, will they repair the traffic lights? What country is this?

Francisca Asare attended the Afua Kobi Ampem Girls’ Senior High School. Her friends described her as a very lively, welcoming and energetic lady who had her entire life ahead of her.


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